The Charlie Bravo Story

Dad took mom over to meet Mrs M today; you know, to head off any potential jealousy issues, but it seems to have backfired. She and mom ganged up on dad, and he came home with his tail tucked, looking to ME for sympathy; as if!

I know I’m formidable, but does he really think think that I’m getting embroiled in that brouhaha? NOT!

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  1. Kim Fudge

    Mom is so very beautiful. I just love her smiling eyes… You are a very lucky girl Charlie to have such a beautiful Mommy and Daddy…

  2. Sam Howard

    Mom’s a looker Charlie.

  3. Toni Holland

    How very sweet! Dad, you definitely surround yourself with lovely girls!

  4. Danielle Scott

    Is it really so bad for dad to be ganged up on by these two lovelies? Charlie, I think he rather enjoys it! Don’t let him fool you!

  5. Karen Ragle

    No wonder Dad drove all those many miles to get back to Mom and convince her to move to Arkansas! Wowza!

  6. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Such lovely Southern ladies!

  7. Jeanne Mancinelli

    That is a wise decision Charlie!

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