The Charlie Bravo Story


Breaking news at the Casa; peace accords have failed, and Armageddon has officially begun. At 0530 CST, the DMZ was broached by the Red Army(Mia), and an invasion took place of the ancestral lands of two small third world countries(Ajax and Marco). The daunting army of the North(Charlie) lays in wait, marshalling her considerable forces should the battle migrate to her side of the bed.

Immediate hostilities commence on the Peninsula of Dad in the Battle of Bitey-Mouth, first with conventional weapons, but Mia’s intelligence branch had failed to uncover vital top secret information that the nuclear option was part of the equation. The Empire of Echo had somehow attained access to canine weapons grade uranium(soft dog food), and the scorched earth policy that resulted forces the involvement of She Who Must Be Obeyed(mom), and hostilities cease as quickly as they began. All combatants are forced to withdraw to their former territories, but global unrest begins to immediately once again stir when the enforcing dictator leaves the scene to go make coffee, and the Battle of Gog and Magog begins to form.

Just another morning at the Casa del Whackos…

Chark the freaking diem!

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