The Charlie Bravo Story

I’ll be watching you

Every bite you take
Each piece of juicy steak
When all is gone you fake
When you lick clean your plate
I’ll be watching you

The tater tots you scarf
I hope they make you barf
How can you not share
Under my steady stare
I’ll be watching you.

Oh can’t you see
Your grub belongs to me
Don’t look away for long
Or it will be long gone…

Every bite I steal
Makes for a tasty meal
When I lick your fork
When I snag your pork
I’ll be watching you

Now it’s gone and lost without a trace
I see the hunger still etched upon dad’s face
I look around but the food I can’t replace
I have no choice but the carpet to deface
I keep charking, yarking, please….

Oh can’t you see
I need outside to pee
My poor gut aches
I’ve got the stomach quakes

Every step dad takes
He’ll have to take the rake
Using the rusty tines
Removing Charlie’s mines
He’ll be watching her.

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