The Charlie Bravo Story

This too shall pass

Sometimes, it seems like change comes at you so hard and fast that the passage of events becomes but a blur. On the other hand, it also seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Everything moves in cycles; without valleys, there would be no mountain tops. Without violent stormfronts clawing the debris from the treetops much like a woman clawing at the bedsheets during childbirth, there would be no room…
The Charlie Bravo Story


Dad here; my humble apologies to Cody Jinks, but when his song "Alone" became one of my favorites, it just made sense to apply it to the early morning insanity at the Casa del Whackos.  Well, it's long before sunrise The dogs begin to groan Mom pretends that she's asleep So down the hallway I must go Mince along on my bare feet Through a minefield made of bones I'm not angry, I just want…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Why we ride

Dad and I decided to do one of our infamous "stop, drop and roll" excursions yesterday; stop worrying about tomorrow, drop everything that is currently clouding your mind, and roll hard for destinations undetermined. We usually prefer solitary riding to riding in any type of group environment, as anywhere there is a group, there are differing agendas that need considering, and that feels a bit too much like work. Riding in groups is like riding…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The sins of the father

Psst,dad, wake up... What's up, Charlie? Before Claire comes back in; we need to talk. Uh, Charles, I haven't been married for thirty years without figuring out that hearing "we need to talk" actually means "you need to listen", so I guess there's no going back to sleep now. Say your piece. Are you going to make an honest woman out of Claire Bear or what? (Sitting straight up in bed) Don't you think that…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Lessons from Charlie

Dad here; I've been dreading this post like getting a root canal for some time now. Not because anything bad has happened, but because it involves me coming out of my own crate. We have all heard the terms "introvert" and "extrovert", but I recently heard the term "ambivert". As I understand it, an ambivert is a person that shows the world the face of an outgoing entertainer, but is also has the tendency to…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The Jungle Book

Dad here; yesterday I was talking to one of my oldest and wisest friends... I don't mean old, as in "ready for the home and having a problem with incontinence" old, although after some of the barbs she threw my way, I shouldn't feel the the responsibility to clear that up. I should let you go on thinking that she is doddering around in a housedress clutching her walker with the tennis balls on the…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Seek first thy brother’s wealth

This excerpt is from a post back in 2016; now, before you think the Charles has gotten lazy, just bear with me for a minute. How could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads?”  ― Plato, The Allegory of the Cave An old friend of dad’s found my story last night, and like most, her initial response was, “how sad!”. Then she dug farther into the posts…
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