The Charlie Bravo Story

Thus Quoth the Charlie

Once upon a midnight dreary, I tossed and turned, all weak and weary
Banished from the bed onto the hardwood floor
When deep beneath the quilts I heard a yarking
A heaving sound,  a silent barking
Is it a false alarm, or cause to flee these shores?
Thus quoth the Charlie;

 I dared not peek beneath the covers
As odors abiding there are known to hover
The ghosts of Alpo past, a foul vapour
the inky darkness keeps me from peering
What my foot may touch is what I’m fearing
Should I procrastinate or levitate towards the door?
Thus quoth the Charlie:

Then another issue rears it head
When I spy a spectre from the bed
Upon the wall the silhouette of a dinosaur
Illuminated by the cell phone light
My meager hair rising with fright
O fearless dog, arise and cease thy snores!
Thus quoth the Charlie

As it turns out, my fears were moot
the yarking sound, it bore no fruit
The odors that I loathe were gone forevermore
The sinister shape filling me with dread
Were the size and shape of Charlie’s head
Was there ever any real danger to ignore?
Thus quoth the Charlie:

And this is true of most our fears
What we can’t see consumes our years
That what we dread compares not to what’s in store
Shake and stretch, turn on the light
What’s wrong is wrong, but there’s much more right
O Charlie girl, are there horizons we can’t explore?
Thus quoth the Charlie;


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  1. Vickie Bellus

    Charlie thank you for your posts

  2. Linda Fleming

    Love your posts. You definitely have a wonderful talent.

  3. Luke Sherwood

    You should make a book of your tales and quotes, miss charlie

  4. Medusa Habanera

    a great writer and now a poet and humorous, too.

  5. Fran Scott

    All The Charles needs are a few ravens lurking about 🙂

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