The Charlie Bravo Story

When were you young

As time sweeps past and vanishes behind me, an assimilated, impotent adulthood heaves itself through the ephemeral mist of youth, my restlessness pounded away by the vicissitudes and tides of everyday life. Someday even I may not believe my horizions were once so limitless. It’s a mystery to me now what these images might mean to me then.

These words were written by Trevor Ware before being struck down by a drunk driver; no doubt in anticipation of impending middle age, but especially poignant considering what was to transpire shortly thereafter.

This video is what prompted dad on the journey he is on today, the destination not evident but the course is clear: keep moving. If fresh water isn’t constantly moving over your gills, you will surely drown.

Go forth and conquer, or if that’s a bit ambitious, at least Chark Diem!