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exit whatever crate in which you may find yourself


So here’s the dealio; last summer, dad took a journey for like the one we’re currently on, except on a motorcycle, and he left me home(jerk!)

In the course of his travels, he happened to meet the Angel of Ouray; she had seen my story, and a connection was made between the dog in Arkansas and the dusty little guy buying gas in the Rockies. She felt at the time that she was at a stalemate in her life, job and relationship wise, and she and dad talked extensively about the message of the crate. Dad has a weird intuition about these things, and had a gut feeling that everything would turn out just fine.

Well, waddya know? Not only did she meet Mr Right, she is now helping him run his business, Buen Tiempo, a landmark restaurant in Ouray, CO he has owned for 21 years. Besides fantastic grub, they have a technique of sticking patron’s dollar bills to the 20′ ceiling, then once a year cleaning the ceiling and donating the proceeds to charity. This unusual process nets $40k a year on the average.

When dad asked Trina what all this means to her now, she had an unusual answer:

“There are no limits to the number of do-overs in your life”; it’s never too late to change direction, or more importantly, to exit whatever crate in which you may find yourself.

If you ever find yourself on the back range of the Rocky Mountains at the base of the Million Dollar Highway, tell Michael and Trina that Charlie sends her regards; now I’m going to take full advantage of this bed, as dad has finally caved on his whole “gonna camp the whole way, blah, blah, blah” nonsense and scored a temporary Casa at the Riverside Cabins and Jeep Rentals. I’ve been putting on a performance worthy of an Oscar, acting like I’m so tired that I can barely drag my creaking bones up into the car; he’s such a sucker.

Or am I just that good?


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  1. Jennifer Minard

    Looks like you and Dad are having a blast! Have fun Charlie!

  2. Terry Hinds

    Love It Charlie…………’you the girl!’

  3. Mary Jo Kolb

    Are you stopping in Telluride? They have a wonderful camp …….. However it is off season so many of the venues are closed 🙁

  4. Annie Parisella

    There are no limits to life outside the crate. She is not the only human you have inspired Charlie.

  5. Cheryl Ferguson

    Charlie – you and Dad have helped kept me going the last couple of weeks. You see, I found a very dear friend deceased the end of last month, and your antics and the goings on at the Casa, has helped. Don’t get me wrong, I will miss my friend, but you give me a reason for smiling! Keep up the good words from your travels!

  6. Linda Hubbard

    Riverside Cabins – Pagosa Springs or Chama?

  7. Deborah McMath Brown

    Go meet the furry oldman with few teeth that sits on the bench in the middle of Ouray, not far from Buen Tiempo.

  8. Mikki Calm

    If more people were to view life and share their wealth of wisdom like you Charlie……the world would have to become a better place. You inspire thousands, the smiles you give are impossible to put a number to! Thank you so much!

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