Some people have the concern that The Charlie Bravo Story is all about making money and that all we do is trick people into signing up with our service for some malicious reason. In some instances these false claims are understandable because there are too many blogs and sites that are scamming new users and followers with Big Hearts. It is getting harder and harder to distinguish between a genuine site and those that are scams.

Regular readers of The Charlie Bravo Story will assure you that this site is not all about the money. We offer useful articles keep the The Charlie Bravo Story alive and well, not to mention the many other directions our journeys take us.

Having that said, we do get “things” out of this blog (including Money). We want to disclose this to you for two reasons.

  1. We want to be upfront about it in the hope that it gives you a complete picture regarding our motivations for maintaining The Charlie Bravo Story.
  2. We also want to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:“Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

What do we get out of The Charlie Bravo Story?

We believe in transparency of one’s income, so while we will not be sharing any figure value, but we will be disclosing every possible way that we benefit from maintaining The Charlie Bravo Story.

We have a staff of writers that work at The Charlie Bravo Story, so we must make money in order to keep going. We make money from the ads (sidebar, header, and in single posts). Aside from that we also make money from affiliate links.

We only promote affiliate programs that we believe will be relevant and useful to The Charlie Bravo Story readers (we hate subpar products). We do not make a note every time we use an affiliate link, but if you see a link that has our domain name with a /refer/attribute, you should assume that it is an affiliate link, and we are getting the commission.

This site has generated us money indirectly as well, and we think it is necessary for you to know this, so you could see why we were able to do that. It takes tremendous resources to keep The Charlie Bravo Story current and to ensure it lives up to the potential we believe it has with our community. Nonetheless it is a financial gain and we want to be upfront about it, so we can deny all the false allegations.

The Charlie Bravo Story staff is a group of WordPress users who want to give back to the community. We know that we would not have been at the place that we are if we did not have help. We want to contribute to the community that has gifted us with so much.

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