The Charlie Bravo Story

Thus Quoth the Charlie

Once upon a midnight dreary, I tossed and turned, all weak and weary Banished from the bed onto the hardwood floor When deep beneath the quilts I heard a yarking A heaving sound,  a silent barking Is it a false alarm, or cause to flee these shores? Thus quoth the Charlie; Nevermore.  I dared not peek beneath the covers As odors abiding there are known to hover The ghosts of Alpo past, a foul vapour…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The house was quiet at midnight; dad was out like a light, hammered from spending the day hammering through the Ouachita mountains with Zach, Fletch and Tim. If you don't remember Tim, he is the scruffy half of the Matthew Mcgonehey/Jane Seymour dopplegangers that we ran into out in Moab. Although we usually prefer solitary riding, sometimes there is something very comforting in having a cloud of dust marking the trail before you, as well…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The new addition!

Howdy! I'm the latest addition to the extended Casa del Whackos family, setting up housekeeping at the Casa del Zach es Tara (don't tell the landlord). The shelter from whenst I came named me "Lola", an unfortunate moniker; of the only two Lolas of which I'm aware,both were featured in song. One was a showgirl and the other had gender identification issues. Why didn't they(the shelter, not the Lolas) just complete the travesty and engrave…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The Sound.

Dad and I have never liked spending much time dwelling on my condition when I exited the crate; it seems that there is more than enough negative garbage being spewed by the media without any help from us. Instead, it has been our mission from the beginning to spread good news, because at the end of the day, there is no bad news, just varying degrees of good news, based totally on our perception. But…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Good day, eh?

There are pros and cons to every situation; some would say that being temporarily unemployed in today's economy would be the worst thing that could happen, but I haven't seen dad this relaxed in, well, not since I've came to grace the Casa with my prescence. Things have a way of "working out", and like my time in the crate, you look back and the negative feelings of those hard times are nothing but a…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Something this way comes

In an effort to create a little personal space, dad has migrated from the bed to the couch: as if he can escape the inevitable! Now he has the whole clan piled onto a much smaller area, but nobody ever said he was smart. But there is a new ingredient added to this canine stewpot; mom didn't push the front door completely closed when she left, and now a barely perceptible,slow, creaking sound is evident…
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