The Charlie Bravo Story

The new addition!

Howdy! I’m the latest addition to the extended Casa del Whackos family, setting up housekeeping at the Casa del Zach es Tara (don’t tell the landlord).

The shelter from whenst I came named me “Lola”, an unfortunate moniker; of the only two Lolas of which I’m aware,both were featured in song. One was a showgirl and the other had gender identification issues. Why didn’t they(the shelter, not the Lolas) just complete the travesty and engrave “Caetlyn” on my rabies tag? I’m sure that Zach and Tara will remedy the situation posthaste; stay tuned.

Zach took me over to the Casa del Whackos to meet the rest of the inmates, talk about sensory overload! I don’t know if anyone has ever considered hooking up a pack of unfamiliar dogs to a generator, as if properly harnessed, the circular “getting to know you” butt sniffing session could be used to power a small city. And do you have problems getting your dog to take a pill? You can forget the whole wrapping it in cheese nonsense; just tape it underneath another dog’s tail and voila, problem solved!

I’m a basset mix of some sort, my magnificent ears dipping down to the ground to funnel all of those delectable smells directly into my twitching snout, but my most prominent feature is my eyes; none can withstand their hypnotic effect. Within minutes I pulled a double whammy on my dad and dad’s dad and convinced them to load of the brown car and take a ride down to the creek.

Charlie had no issues with my hogging the front seat, but Max was NOT pleased to be giving up his spot on Zach’s lap, and an epic but invisible battle of the wills ensued. My ears served to ward off the lightning bolts that Max was transmitting from his eyelashes, but eventually I had to relent and relocate to a cushion in the back of the car; not because of Max, but because Charlie had changed her mind concerning seating arrangements. Once that girl starts oozing like hairy black ectoplasm towards her desired destination, there is absolutely no stopping her.

Although the Casa is obviously a constant party, I was ready to go home and establish my own domain. My humans appear to be imminently trainable, but I must start quickly before they develop any bad habits.

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  1. Annie Parisella

    In love! But watch out for the snake on the dashboard!

  2. Becky Snell Bitzer

    Whoa….those EYES…fabulous!

  3. Lanae Rossi

    She is absolutely precious!

  4. Kari Friedman Graham

    She’s beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Kimberly Toal

    So sweet. I grew up with Bassett hounds and no one can ever resist the eyes….love this girl

  6. Patti Saunders

    Pretty girl!!! We had a neighbor that had a Bassett Hound named Socrates. Watch out for the “howling at the moon”…….very impressive.

  7. Linda Joyce

    I see some beagle in that face! Welcome to the party!

  8. Luisa Roda

    Nice to meet you sweetie

  9. Liz Bell Dotterer

    Awwww. She’s a cutie. Beautiful coloring. Don’t appreciate Barry Manilow in my head though!

  10. Laurie S. McLendon

    She is the most beautiful little lady!

  11. Kim Greener

    Lolo – you are beautiful!

  12. Linda Fleming

    Love the writing & humor. Lola is beautiful

  13. Cheri Finkbiner

    Welcome home beautiful. You have an amazing life ahead of you~ <3

  14. Lynette Tankersley

    So stinking cute! Enjoy your new home, sweet girl! I’m sure you’re in for a wonderful ride. <3

  15. Karen Ragle

    Ahhh, such sweet eyes! I see some beagle in there also. What a combo!

  16. Linda Hubbard

    Beautiful, no matter what your name!

  17. Jody Hess-Franey

    Those eyes! Totally hypnotic! You will have no trouble training your humans! Charlie might be a different story, but a little willpower might make you a formidable foe! Welcome to the casas!

  18. Pat Stibbs

    Those eyes are gorgeous!!

  19. Karen Harry Dutton

    I love the character you have given her in her voice. Totally believable.

  20. Bryan Morgan

    I love Bassett Hounds, if she needs a somewhat quieter home let me know.

  21. Faith Kidwell

    she is so cute! and yes i had the song Copacabana stuck in my head for a full day since you brought her home lol

  22. Sam Howard

    You are a very Beautiful girl, with a terrible name. Casa del Wacko will have to work on that.

  23. Debbie Carr Holley

    What a lucky girl….I think she hit the jackpot!!!!!!

  24. Diane Brannon-Keech

    I hope you and your humans Zack and Tara will have many stories and journeys together. Welcome to the Casa del Whaco’a Lola you make a great addition to the family!

  25. Diane Ragusett

    Well, those eyes will get her everything she wants and if she cocks her head a little, everyone in her path will be a goner!!! She is stunning!!

  26. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Welcome Lola. It will be interesting to follow your adventures with the other inmates of the Casa.

  27. Dianne Lane

    Pretty girl. Lola is a lovely name.

  28. Shawn Suriano-Wellden

    How stickin precious!!!! I rescued a basset mix 13yrs ago from a chicken auction that some fool decided to add to the animals avail. LouLou was her name. No mailman, possum, or armadillo was allowed near! She was great! Miss her. Will LOVE to watch this darling join the clan!

  29. Beth King

    She looks like a Bagel (Basset/Beagle mix) – count yourselves lucky!

  30. Jamie Merritt Sims

    What a little doll of a doggie !!! 🙂

  31. Jana Blackwood

    Such a cute girl. She’s my Grand-dog.

  32. Sandy Runyon Lough

    What a lucky girl. She has arrived in canine heaven. (Love the word “whenst” and shall go forth and spout it henceforth and forsooth!)

  33. Ethel Sleith

    Sweetheart, you have the most beautiful face I’ve seen in a long time, one that is going to get you anything you want!

  34. Sylvie Saunders

    Totally falling in love with this cutie! xxx 🙂

  35. Sarah Lofts

    And so, another adventure begins. She’s gorgeous and with those eyes she’s going to be getting her own way, a lot!

  36. Cindy Cunningham Buckmaster

    Adorable!!!! This is a family of wonderful people you have came into my sweet baby!!! I wish I had the opprotunity to meet them in person. They are my kinda peoples!!!!

  37. Jennifer Reyes Ybiernas

    Awwwww what a face! No wonder they couldn’t resist those eyes! Welcome to the pack, little girl!

  38. Marlene Petsche

    OMG that is cuteness over load!!! I love hounds of any kind and Basset”s are the sweetest”s !!! Congratulations Zach and Tara 🙂 🙂 <3

  39. Fran Scott

    Welcome to the Wacky World of the Casa , or maybe I should say the Domain of the Charlemagne Bravissimo:) I’m sure a more appropriate moniker than Lola will be forthcoming posthaste.

  40. Beverly Paul

    She is adorable!!!!! Welcome to the casa!!

  41. Risa Burgess Platt

    What a beautiful baby!!!! She has no idea how lucky she is to be a member of this particular Casa!!!

  42. Tara Winingar

    You wonder how she came home with us? Those eyes! And her sweet personality. It’s really difficult to say no when she begs for human food morsels!

  43. Jennifer Pershing

    cute i have a lola doxie i call her lovin outloud angel cause her ears look like wings an she gets this happy hi world look on her face .

  44. Lola Waters

    As a fellow Lola i feel your pain. Many will sing to you darling girl. Wear the name with pride! You certainly are gorgeous and have now got a whole house full of friends and love. Run a muck xo

  45. Christina Totaro Renfer

    The force is strong with this one…..

  46. Linda Schwirtz

    Adorable. You’ll never be able to say no to that face

  47. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Welcome, Lola! You are just lovely! So demure looking. I hope you live long and prosper among the Whackos!

  48. Diana Handros

    You certainly hit the Jackpot little miss! You certainly could rule the USA with those eyes. Write in Lola for president!

  49. Lori Catlett Shaffer

    Oh my! What a little cutie!!!

  50. Kat Cin Gause

    How cute you are, yup would be very easy to spoil you with them eyes looking puppy like, heh

  51. Sue Robilliard

    What a totally brilliant story to wake up to. Welcome, brown eyes, to the rest of your life

  52. Deborah Ferguson

    Precious! And those eyes!!!

  53. Leigh Pevreal

    Beeyouteefull! Love that dear wee face!

  54. Deb Silva

    Hope she is not a howler.

  55. Ellen Simpson

    Oh My Dog!!! She is adorable! God times ahead!

  56. Margo Meyer

    OMG! Send her to me and I will let her train me! Adorably beauticious!!! I think I made up a new word for the Webster dictionary!!

  57. Cathy Brown

    She’s a cutie…and those eyes will penetrate your heart.

  58. Rhonda Vaughn Waterbury

    A cutie and a very lucky little girl!

  59. Jane Paquette

    Lola, my rescued Beagle, Rubee, has those same eyes. There’s no saving us when she uses them to her advantage.

  60. Julie Ann Wilson Lacy

    So adorable! A Bassett hound was my first dog- “Tinker” as named by my baby brother who was barley able to talk. I one day do plan to have another Bassett hound. They do still your heart!

  61. Melody Gryner

    I have two beagles and my son has three. When we have all 5 in the bed with us, well l era just say our king bed is very crowded.

  62. Christa Harrell

    Congrats, Zach and Tara, you will be very happy with your new baby, we had a Basset mix a long time ago, named Hobo, the other half was Springer spaniel, his looks were one, but he had the Basset personalities, even his very slow tail wagging, we had him for almost 15 years!!!

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