The Charlie Bravo Story

Unleash the kraken!!

I don’t think that dad gets that the purpose of an exorcism is to cast the demon out, not invite him in, but here we are.

He made the mistake of going by the Pulaski County Humane Society last night, you know, just to check things out. There was a quartet of rowdy pups that used their superior intellects to bamboozle dad; one in particular must have had formal acting training as he appeared somewhat more sedate than the other three.

I’m believe I’m beginning to see the the formation of a conspiracy; remember Rusty’s Treats, the sweet potato dog treats that Max and Bull were so fond of? Well, Ms Jody had sent a memorial that just happened to be burning a hole in dad’s pocket, an amount that exactly covered the little thespian’s adoption fee, so what was he supposed to do? Willpower has never been one of dad’s strong characteristics.

On the way home, peace and quiet was the rule of the day, with the tiny canine wedged behind dad’s head as he drove to the Casa. What a sweet little dog, right? WRONG! As soon as they got home, an immediate transformation occured; dad didn’t just open the car door…

He unleashed the kraken.

Confucius says “when another woman enters the front door, peace flies out the back”; this is also true of scruffy little wads of rampaging puppy flesh; does this dog EVER just chill out? The closest we have come to a name so far is Taz, as in Tasmanian Devil; another option is Pilot, as he tends to pilot here and pilot there around the faux hardwood floors of the Casa.

All I know is the I, Charlemagne Bravisimo, hereby decree that the bed is a place to sleep, not a porta potty; the little spaz has only been here one night and has already annointed the bedsheets twice. His razor sharp teeth and toenails, coupled with his willingness to use them, have already been employed in the destruction of dad’s wardrobe at the Battle of Dockers Hill, and future skirmishes are no doubt on the horizon.

Mom always had a thing for the bad boys and thinks this one is a cutie as well, but he’s not fooling us; dad and I see right through to the evil that resides in this imp’s devilish little heart.

It’s going to take a bit more than a few sprinkles of Holy Water to calm this beast!

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  1. Liz Bell Dotterer

    He’s a cutie. Blessings to you… I’m too old to do “puppy” again!

  2. Cathy Buro-Yauch

    My heart just went poof! She is soooo cute!

  3. Charlene Stiner

    I’m so glad you got a new baby. Very respectfully I would like to ask you a question, you seem to have an issue with the neighbor’s dogs, has that been resolved.

  4. Danielle Scott

    Come on, Charlie! You and Dad should know by now that Mom is always right! She knows what she’s doing! She’ll have this little rapscallion wrapped around her finger in no time! 🙂

  5. Michelle Dumas

    We just got a foster scruffy of our own yesterday! She’s up for adoption in Massachusetts, but came all the way from Alabama.

  6. Sue Donnenwirth

    What a sweet face, congratulations

  7. Carol Lingster

    Congrats to daddy Bret and mommy Jody on your newest addition; I feel much akin to you all ❤️
    Now how many total Fur balls make your new Pack?

  8. Margaret Clark Robert

    Taz! What a perfect name! Welcome to the Casa!

  9. Elizabeth Falls Cline

    I second Charlene Stiner’s comment. Love that you have opened your home yet again but worry about those hellish neighbor dogs.

  10. Jayne Brewer

    What a cutie! He will be such a great addition to your family. Congratulations!

  11. Marlene Petsche

    Oh my goodness what a cutie!! Let the good times begin 🙂

  12. Becky Casper Wiltsee

    Gorgeous! Many, many years ago we adopted a puppy from the Humane Society. We picked the puppy sitting in the cage all quiet and cute. And as soon as we got home all hell broke loose. The running joke in my family was the one in the cage was the display model and we got one out of the back. We loved our Buddy for 12 years before he passed away. I hope you have a long fun life together. Charlie, show them who is boss!

  13. Ethel Sleith

    If I were any closer than thousands of miles away I’d be round there like a shot to steal him. Such a cutie! I wish you all many happy years together. And Charlie, as my daughter says, “sharing is caring”.

  14. Kathy Moody

    Great addition to the pack. And I like Taz for the name.

  15. Luci Hodges

    He looks like a Loki to me … Tricked dad into bringing him to the casa under the guise that he was mild mannered when he wasn’t . 🙂

  16. Courtney Staroba LeBeau

    He’s sooooo cuuuuuuttteee!!!!

  17. Jennifer Hutchinson

    Welcome sweet one! You have just discovered heaven.

  18. Jill Macaulay

    I think Kraken is an excellent name for him, and when he’s being good you can call him Ken!

  19. Sue Robilliard

    Taz would perfect! Tassie Devils are just plain crazy, another one of our Oz peculiarities!!

  20. Angela Miller

    Oh, I couldn’t resist either!

  21. Robin Gamatko

    lol looks to be part Jack Russell Terror! I have one and they can be quite the handful but IMHO one of the best breeds!

  22. Jannie Maxwell

    Good morning Charlie!! The mornings of calm domain have temporarily come to an end! It’s just because the little “spaz” (I kinda like that name which you mention) has been given the life many are denied!! Show him the ropes and soon you’ll have a new best friend!!!

  23. Lynn Hudson

    I expected nothing less…just surprised it took so many hours before it happened!! Welcome Taz…to the Casa…of LOVE…not Whackos!!! xx

  24. Deb Brunelle Charron

    Cutie! Looks like a part Jack Russell terrier. They are pretty hyper!

  25. RaVae Wilhelm Lewis

    I cannot feel sorry for Dad. That’s a terrier mix if I ever saw one, and we know what those things are made of.

  26. Trudy Simmons

    Welcome to the good life at the Casa, Taz.

  27. Janelle Fisher

    What a precious little punkin….

  28. Jody Hess-Franey

    I’m so happy the Mad Max funds went to such a great cause! Sorry, CB, that you’ll be subjected to such painful puppy antics for a while, but I’ll bet you’ll be good friends in no time! Welcome to the Casa crazy little whirler of dervish!!

  29. Brenda Lucas

    Love this and love the name Taz! Charlie will tame the little “devil”. 🙂

  30. Jeannie Collier

    He is adorable. Congrats.

  31. Sam Howard

    Oh My Charlie, ye better get to work. I see a lot of Jack Russell here, full of life and loves a good time. No rest for awhile.

  32. Katie Bear

    Aww. Welcome to the world of being owned by a Jack Russell. Your life will never be the same again! I know.
    One owns me. This one has some Jack in him. I can tell from his head and face markings.

  33. Cindy Cunningham Buckmaster

    Adorable!!!!! I wish my spoiled rotten Sophie (deer Chihuahua) would allow another dog in to our Casa. We got quite a crew of outside dwellers but NO ONE of canine origin is allowed inside, per Sophie!!!! At 2 lbs she is tiny but has a huge attitude!!! Someday I am going to be in your area and hope to meet your crew!!!

  34. Katie Bear

    Yes! I have been owned by 2 of them. Lol. They DO make the world colorful. Would not change one thing.

  35. Patsy Patten

    Love it! This baby looks like a Jack Russell pup! I have one and they are the most energetic things you’ll ever find. But very smart and good dogs!!

  36. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    Uh, you do realize that this is Charlie you’re talking about, right?

  37. Sherri Turner Boyd

    Raylene, this looks like kin to the little one you got. You should follow this page if you don’t already.

  38. Lanae Rossi

    What a cutie! Evil though he may be 😉

  39. Kathleen Ellis Delatorre

    What a bunch of softies residing in the casa de wackos. ! I think Satan is a good name. Or Terror and you can call her Terri.

  40. Theresa Thomas

    YAY!!!! What a cutie he is!! What an incredibly nice gift to receive in memory of your loved lost ones <3

  41. Debbie Colasante

    Ha ha…I LOVE this!!!!

  42. Rose Upjohn

    A T-Rex in attitude only. LOL

  43. Amanda Latham Jomarron

    I like the name Kraken too! Welcome home sweet puppy! Hang in there Charlie! Before you know it the two of you will be best buddies! 😉

  44. Susan-Amber Springer

    He’ll settle down in a year or two! Our Chief used to tell us that when we left, Annie would sprout imp wings from her back and torture him; the wings disappeared as soon as the key went into the front door lock. She eventually did sorta kinda turn into a well-behaved young lady…sorta.

  45. Carla O'Brian

    That pup hit the jackpot!

  46. Lisa Hartman

    Oh but he’s so cute!!!

  47. KJ Bailey

    holy terror have a blast

  48. Tania Curtis

    Welcome to babyhood again!! Charlie will get her in order!! Congrats❤️

  49. Susan Fimiani

    I have a 12.5 year old Jack Russell…. they don’t change.

  50. Kelly Cloninger

    Oh boy… looks like there’s some Jack Russell in there, lol… personality, spunk and destruction!… And tons of loyalty and love.

  51. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Yay!!! Lucifer has joined the Casa. What a lucky, blessed lil guy. Congrats to you all

  52. Diane Brannon-Keech

    I see Miss Ellie has a watchful eye on the new addition as well.

  53. Sarah Myers

    Ah Charlie you got a new baby sister. Just fence in the yard to keep those next door neighbors at their own place.
    Jack’s love to get away, our neighbor has one and it’s always out of the yard.
    Have fun and be a great big sibling…

  54. Kirstine Jones

    As the mummy of a pair of Jack Russells (one of whome is a scruffy jack too!) all I can say is good luck! These dervish little gobs on legs are madness personified.. lol .. Have fun Casa inmates.. the best is yet too come! 😉 xx

  55. Lori Stiefel

    Yay!!!!! Hang tough Charlie, it does get better!! And for you baby puppy dog, go get em!!

  56. Mary Lou Murphy- Przewoznik

    It’s amazing how “innocent” those little buggers look. Enjoy… and keep anything worthwhile out of reach!

  57. Fran Bloss

    omg, he is so cute!

  58. Liz Sierra

    Awww look at that adorable little face!! So cute! Charlie as the big sis you have to look after the little one!

  59. Jane Leffman

    Welcome to the family Kraken x

  60. Linda Fleming

    So cute. No worries, he will conform to the rules of the Casa. Time will tell

  61. Tracy Wamboldt

    Congrats on the new addition….walk tall Charlie girl…you are the star of the page….

  62. Francesca Cohen Marcus

    Welcome to your new home, little one! You’re a lucky puppy!

  63. Lori Catlett Shaffer

    Adorable. Definitely got some Jack Russell blood. I like Kraken too!!!

  64. Lisa Taylor

    Hate potty training. Nothing worse than warm moist sheet but hey i think you got a little lover you can figure it out i also like Kraken.

  65. Laura Palmer

    Congrats – and who can get upset at that face, and those floppy ears – precious!!!!!

  66. Deb Fellows Dehart

    My JRT is nearly 15. He is deaf, nearly blind and can hardly walk from arthritis but still digs to China and drags in the latest kill. Please be patient and know you will never encounter a more intelligent and loyal little devil. Decide now to live with most of his misbehavior. Pick your battles very carefully because you want to win the very most important ones….you will NOT win them all so don’t even try or you’ll be crazy and he will be abused or his joy and exuberance destroyed. You chose him so accept his breed’s characteristics. Love him and let the other stuff go…take a deep breath and give him a hug. Best wishes!

  67. Beverly Paul

    Oh he is cuuuute! Puppies are like having a newborn, a potty training toddler, and a teenager all in one. I rescued two poor mange ridden babies and kept them for a couple of weeks until a rescue could take them. They were cute but they were something!

  68. Beverly Paul

    Oh I believe he definitely got some terrier in him!

  69. Gail Morse

    Awww, what a cutie, congratulations Mom, dad & Charlie on your new addition to the Casa, wonderful fun times ahead especially for Charlie girl, love the name Taz !!

  70. Dianne Roof

    looks half Jack Russe

  71. Leigh Jukes-Smart

    Yes one of mine is called Taz for that reason

  72. Raylene Clark

    Lol. I got one too. A sweet innocent little charmer. Lol. Right!

  73. Cony Falkenthal-Balke

    We have one of those…. a ball of energy… keeping our other dog on his toes…he is 23 weeks old….my daughter named him Damian….I was thinking the Omen but she is talking about the 5th Robin, Batman’s son

  74. Barb Prasow

    What a cute little fellow…. Looks so innocent. But we all know, puppies will be puppies. LOL

  75. Nicole Woods

    I couldn’t imaging life with out him…

  76. Suzanne Hafer

    He is an adorable ball of fire!

  77. Fran Huff Fossan

    Kraken is a great name! He is cute as the devil, so I suppose he might as well behave like him too.

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