The Charlie Bravo Story

1 Waylon 3:16

1 Waylon 3:16, “it’s time to get back to the basics of love”, so I mosey out to my spot on the back porch of the Casa. I was severely delusional if I thought I was going to get any alone time, as the feathered little fartbags were already out there draining the feeders, and the inmates were prancing around me like a Kansas City chorus line in a mad contest to determine who could do the most damage to the tops of my feet. It’s pretty sad that a herd of self centered canines demanding attention refuse to allow me to get even one cup of coffee down my gullet before it turns frigid. I consider such behaviour highly disrespectful and not to be tolerated, and fully intend to face the rudeness head on, grow a spine, put my foot down and take the situation firmly in hand.

Tomorrow, maybe, or the day after that; I’ll check and see what day works best for Charlie.

Hold on just a minute, Claire is demanding some pets… now Charlie is hunching her butt against my chair and casting me the dreaded side-eye, “that spot” evidently needs immediate attention. Then Ajax pounces with his mustachios dripping with dew, Marco skittling in and out of the mayhem on tiny elf-like hooves, then Claire again, of course the omnipresent Charlie, now Mia….


Of course, this has absolutely no positive effect, other than to alert Titus Pullo and Victor the Horse Dog that Dad’s on the back porch and especially vulnerable to full frontal assault, a weakness in his defense that they fully exploit. Then mom and She Who Never Sleeps discover that I’m vertical, and decide that I must be involved in their plans for the day which will inevitably involve a trip or two to Hell(the WalMarks), demands to which I will absolutely refuse, citing the Constitutional amendment involving cruel and unusual punishment.

I just want to finish this pot of coffee
And put me another on
I’ll just grab my threadbare banjo
And hammer out a song
I’ll sit write here
And type one more
And just enjoy the dawn
I’m not angry I just want to be alone.

(C’mere, Charles, I didn’t mean that last part; Cody said it)

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