The Charlie Bravo Story

2020 is Hindsight

Dad here, speaking up in defense of 2020. I dislike bullies so much that I even feel a bit of pity for a span of days that every one seems willing to pile onto because we’re repeatedly told that it’s evil.

Have you ever considered that certain things are considered “bad” because they’re not taken in the proper context? Sure, I grieve at the loss of many good people, but I rejoice at the fact that many multiples of that number have survived. I grieve at the pervasive sense of fear that society seems to love to embrace, but rejoice at the fact that I know that nothing is ever as bad as worrying about it.

I grieve at the loss of Ajax, but rejoice that the same mysterious circumstances didn’t take any of the other inmates at the Casa del Whackos. And how ungrateful would I be to vilify a whole year for circumstances beyond its control when that same year heralded the arrival of the Jude Bear in March? At the very beginning of the Corvacalypse? And that the resulting “shelter at home” mandate that everyone hates(myself more than any) allowed Zach and Tara some extra bonding time with the little goober? And that due to the lack of employment during that time, Mom and I were able to move Oba from North Carolina and be involved in the construction of her phenomenal MIL quarters adjacent to the Casa? Hudos(huge kudos) to Scott and Caroline of Justice Construction; fantastic job!

Everyone seems to forget the good that occurs as the bad is continously thrust down our throats. That in 2020 people began riding bikes again, with Arkansas preparing to become the mountain bike capital of the world. And that many animal shelters that were previously packed to capacity are now virtually empty. The sale of aboveground swimming pools has skyrocketed and motorcycle shops everywhere are sold out to the bare walls, even roller skate sales are at an all time high, all as a result of families engaged in the hated “social distancing”.

Meditate on this; how many GOOD things happened to you PERSONALLY during the past year that will be highlighted in years to come by the negative backdrop provided by the media? They may be selling, but we ain’t buying…

And when 2020 is gone, I’m going to remember it as the year that my buddy Marty and my Uncle Larry beat Covid, another year that Mom has remained cancer free, a year that finds each of you still here and a part of this extended family.

And, important to me anyways, another 365 days that I have been allowed to share with the Her Royal Highness Charlie Bravo, and to share her with you. And that is not a blessing that I take for granted, I promise you this.

We be of one blood, ye and I.

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