Month: July 2021

Why We Ride

Why we ride, part #1 This is one of my favorite motorcycle experiences. Craig, Zach and I were heading back up to base camp along the Million Dollar Highway in…

The Birds

The Casa del Whackos is truly going to the birds. As a result, Mom can no longer trusted to go unsupervised to the Flea Market, in addition to the Farmer's…


Dad here; another Sunday morning at the Casa. The rest of the inmates are wandering around doing whatever the inmates do when they're not annoying me, and Charlie's feeling a…

Happy Moms Day

Dad here; most guys bring home flowers, candy, or some other frou frou nonsense for Mother's Day; I bring home hay and donkey treats from the Farmer's Coop. Wait, wait,…

Titus Pullo

Yo; I'm Titus Pullo. You, know, THAT Titus. Dad named me after the good natured but deadly centurion, one of only two soldiers mentioned by Julius Caesar in his memoirs.…

A little hope

A little hope, even hopeless hope, never hurt anybody.-John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent Most followers of this page know the Message of the Crate; how Charlie was found…
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