The Charlie Bravo Story

All dogs go where?

Hey, Charlie?

What’s up, Claire?

Do you think that all dogs go to heaven?

Why do you ALWAYS wait until the lights go out to start these out-of-nowhere discussions? Of course I don’t think that all dogs go to heaven.

That’s what I thought I heard you say; don’t let Titus hear it. He has a hard enough time understanding your theological meanderings without you throwing this one at him. On what do you base this belief? And who gets to make the call? You?

Don’t be ridiculous; I dont even want that responsibility, as I’ll be too busy flouncing around like a pup again. No, I believe that heaven was initially created for humans, a place where they can be eternally happy. So I do believe that there will be dogs in heaven because there are many humans that would not be happy if there were no dogs on the premises. As to who gets in or who just ceases to be is based on wherever our humans go, as our souls are attached to theirs. So I believe that we will see Stevie, Max, Bull Taco, and Ajax again because they’re still attached to dad, and I know that we’re going to see dad. I expect that it’ll be quite the party, as the book says, “on earth as it is in heaven…”

(Silence, then…)

Yo, Charlie… are you still awake?

Well, Titus, I am now.

Do you think that when we get to heaven, we’ll still get to make dad do whatever we want, whenever we want? No backtalk allowed?

Of course I do; heaven’s a place for we dog’s to be happy as well.

‘Night, Charlie; your stories have the happiest endings.

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