The Charlie Bravo Story

All is quiet on the western front.

Max here: Pre-dawn at the Casa… if the bed was North America, dad would be sleeping along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and a bit of northern California, with Charlie occupying Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas , Iowa, and the Dakotas. Mia has annexed the rest of southern California from LA down to Tijuana, and I migrate at will like a hirsute band of gypsies from region to region as the mood strikes me. As this leaves mom with the rest of the continent to occupy as she sees fit, you would think that she would be satisfied with this arrangement, but Charlie continues to expand her territory both east and west; you would think that she would be satisfied with the status quo, but what megalomaniac ever truly finished conquering? Stalin, Hitler, Genghis, Caesar, Alexander, Kanye, all driven by a blind lust and greed, but are nothing compared to the drive and determination of Charlemagne Bravissimo.

But, for now, a tentative armistice had been achieved and all is quiet on the western front, when…


Shots ring out! Is this another assassination attempt on the Max E Million? Or another failed drive-by perpetrated by the dachshunds down the street? It matters not! Rise and fight! Sound the alarm to marshall our forces to defend the borders of the fatherland! Continue sounding the alarm until, well, until dad issues the decree to terminate the racket with extreme prejudice!

As it turns out, those weren’t shots fired: who needs an alarm clock when you have a Charlie shaking her head, popping her ears and jowls like so many floppy black bull whips?

The crisis has passed, but now the resulting adrenalin surge has everyone else at the Casa up and hyperactive…

…except Charlie, who is sprawled out under the covers, sleeping the sleep of the unrepentant.

It’s great to be Queen!

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  1. Jill Barrowclough Alexander

    You are such a fabulous writer! I think it’s time for a photo book with stories about Charlie and the gang. I so enjoy reading these posts.

  2. Darcy Roberts

    good morning Casa!! surely the Queen has risen by now?!

  3. Elaine McLemore

    What pretty queen she is! 🙂

  4. Elisabeth Parrish

    I hate to admit this, but while my cat, Merci, is an avid fan of Charlie, I never allow Jake, my shepherd, to peruse any of your posts. You see, Jake is very hairy and sheds profusely, seemingly like a infinitely blooming black dandelion puff in a hurricane. So he gets his floor mattress, and Merci (and his trespassing friends) get the bed, much to Jake’s disgust. Jake went through a short spell of communicating his displeasure with this arrangement last winter by yanking the comforter out from under the cats around 2 am every night… like the proverbial magician whisking a tablecloth from under a stack of dishes. Unfortunately, these particular dishes had claws when they landed on my bare skin! So after being relegated to the bathroom a few times, Jake abandoned that trick, instead coming to the head of the bed occasionally now in the wee hours and staring morosely into my face until I awaken from his hot breath and offer some comfort, whereupon he wags his tail, then sighs and returns to his mattress.

  5. Cherie Crosby Baker

    Your stories could make a great children’s book.

  6. Mikki Calm

    It’s an on going battle isn’t it? Who gets the prime spot for the night. I only have two small dogs and I always end up hugging the edge of the bed in some sort of convoluted twisted position like some circus contortionist!

  7. Fran Scott

    The cause of the ruckus always continues to slumber on, oblivious to the ensuing chaos they just caused 🙂

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