The Charlie Bravo Story

Are You Doing Enough?

I heard an intriguing question today: are you doing enough? It made me stop and think, and the only answer I could come up with is that it has everything to do with where we’re each at on our particular journeys.

Let me explain; even though we hadn’t met yet back in November of 2018, Charlie and I were in very similar conditions. She had been left to die of neglect in her crate, and I was dying of a motorcycle incident that left me laying flat on my back in the Ouachita mountains as Zach rode for help. Like Charlie at the time, I had no other responsibility other than staying alive, although I had no idea how to go about it; you can’t just go tying a tourniquet on a ruptured colon, although it might have been entertaining for some to watch me try.

But we both survived only to meet on the side of a deserted country road a short time later, and the answer to the question “are you doing enough?” changed along with our abilities. It was obvious that we were now on a different mission, but had no idea how to define it or to even begin going about it, so we began bumbling about blindly in search of our place in the madness of it all. And here we still seem to be, which is where I would be willing to bet is right where most of us are today.

I once asked a man “how do we each know our purpose in life?”, to which he replied “service every need as it arises and you will find your ministry”. But I do not believe that I am to just cool my jets and hope that the occasional random “thing” happens across my radar screen; I have to at least be open for it even if not actively seeking it.
Maybe then, at least for the short time that I’m servicing that particular need, I’m “doing enough”.

But we all feel like it’s never enough, and for that I am grateful. As much as I might dread whatever the next task may be, I would dread much more the feeling of uselessness if I didn’t know that another need would inevitably rear it’s ugly head.

But some needs are never met, as it’s about the journey, not necessarily the destination. As Charlie’s mission appears to be winding down without ever really knowing what the mission really is, I have to remind myself that her mission is not yet over, and although she has more time in the rear view mirror than she has in the windshield, it’s the time behind her that has prepared her for what is before her. And that applies to you and I as well.

How’s THAT for a run-on run-on salad garnished with a plethora of surplus commas and mangled participles?

And although she would never admit it, maybe it’s not just all about Charlie; maybe it’s a set up for MacDuff, maybe Titus, maybe for something just beyond the horizon. And while most of us will never realize the personal impact that we have all had on others, we’ll spend the majority of our lives abusing ourselves mentally and physically that we didn’t do more.

So, are you doing enough? All of us would probably say both yes and no. But I feel pretty confident that most of you reading these words skew pretty heavily towards the “yes” side of the scale, whether you might believe it or not…

But I genuinely hope you believe it;

We be of one blood, ye and I.

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