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Care and feeding of the Blog Monster

It’s been 1,176 dog hours since we started my blog last Sunday; although a week doesn’t seem like much, life is such a whirlwind at the Casa that it’s hard to keep up with the shenanigans.

Dad and I are about as tech-savvy as a pair of orangutans, and if patience is a virtue, neither of us must be very virtuous; mom says that if either of us had two brains, one of them would be very lonely. On the other side of the equation, you have mom and Gary; while dad goes fumbling around like a pianist wearing boxing gloves, Gary performs his wizardry and mom tries to fix what dad screws up, a full time job in and of itself.

Facebook has been a very good platform for my message, but sometimes posts get lost in the shuffle, or are part of the shuffle, and people seem to get left out of the loop. The most amazing part of my story is the sense of family that has brought us all together from around the globe, and the original  purpose of the blog was to provide people coming late into the fold a place to follow the story chronologically; what good is family if everyone isn’t in on all the old stories?

Gary is researching an interactive “timeline”, where you can click on a specific event, Stevie, Dash Riprock, Beau, the train derailment,etc, and it will take you to a short synopsis of that event. I told you that he was a guru; I can’t fathom where to even start on that project, and dad can’t even spell “synopsis”.

So where do you want to see us go from here? How often should I blog? I have enough weird thoughts bouncing around in my skull to post every day, but familiarity breeds contempt, and I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Plus, dad works full time and sometimes takes the iPad with him, which just gives me more time to scheme and plot my master plan for world dominance.

Your comments and suggestions on the Facebook page are the vittles that keeps it alive, which is why I read and “like” every single one. Although answering each would be impossible, I feel that the very least I can do is acknowledge everyone that does me the honor of posting; please keep them coming, as I feel that this is just the start of a long and beautiful relationship.

We be of one blood…


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  1. Liz Bell Dotterer

    Love your fb posts daily, blog weekly. That’s my two pennies, for what they’re worth.

  2. Sharon Durfee

    thanks for the life jacket on Charlie

  3. Dianne

    Blog when you have something meaningful to sharei.e.
    answer the questions you are most ften asked.

  4. wendy

    i read them every time they hit my timeline when i’m online…. but i would say try the big entries once a week, and let us in on anything to be shared that’s time sensitive as it happens. If that doesnt feel right, change it up!

  5. Joey Daniel

    I love everything you post…always makes me chuckle and informs me. Do what feels comfortable to you, we’ll be here!

  6. Kristine

    Your posts keep me entertained all week long. I look forward to them….whatever and whenever you write, I’ll read them! P.S. You still selling coffee?

  7. Susan Stroda

    ♡Facebook posts; would love to get the blog posts via email. . My 2 cents..

  8. Deb Reed

    i love your daily stories , i would feel like im missing much if your not on here.What if a gang of bunnies came through the Casa and it wasnt a day to post, it might be forgotten , and how would we know the outcome. Love ya beautiful fur babies

  9. Claudia Burris

    Always love all your posts Charlie. Post when you can, once a week, once a day or when Dad lets you use the Ipad. We will always be waiting to hear what is going on at the Casa .

  10. Ethel Sleith

    Just keep on posting, Charlie, whenever it suits you. As someone said, we’ll be here.

  11. Karen Andrews Harrison

    Ye & I being of one blood, I’d be lost without your posts
    I sometimes find myself reading back over old posts
    Awe you mentioned ‘beautiful’ Stevie 1st
    Charlie….. And ‘Dad’, I would be glad for whatever comes my way xxx

  12. Kim Andrews Kirby

    Love your posts! Can’t do without them and now a blog! Yay! ❤️

  13. Annette Eakins

    Every day even if it’s just to say hey’……….

  14. Kathy Moody

    Love to read your posts. Don’t want you to wear yourself out. You know your fans will always be here.

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