The Charlie Bravo Story

Changing of the Guard

There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

There is a shift in the power dynamics at the Casa. First, we have the OG crowd consisting of Charlie, Titus, and Micro Polo; each a seasoned veteran with their own well-documented idiosyncrasies.

Then there’s the trio of young whippersnappers, Nama, Bilbo, and Bassa Khan; someone has evidently forgotten to explain to them that dogs and khats are not supposed to get along. Unfortunately, many of their battles seem to inexplicably kick off at zero-dark-thirty. Even though I have no absolute proof as to who is the instigator of these skirmishes, I suspect that more often than not it’s Bassa the Mongolian Khitty.

Even the human dynamics have shifted. While there once was a time when I was the true pater familius of the Casa, Mom has recently began gaining status; a quick breakdown: While Nama is 100٪ fixated on me, Bilbo is a good bit more oriented towards Mom. As Marco’s preclivities as a chihuahua seem to revolve eating, sleeping, and shivering, he tends to spend much of his life attempting to seek warmth by orbiting the Dad sun.

Then there’s Bassa. While he’s essentially Mom’s khat, he is learning that I’m the pushover when it comes to the vittles on my plate. Based on this alone, I have begun to make some inroads into his little feline soul, but it’s still a 95/5 ratio in Mom’s favor. I don’t really have a chance.

And as to where Titus Pullo’s loyalties lie is anyone’s guess. While he is quite possibly the most uber-chill pittie in the history of the breed, his true loyalty seems to lie with whomever is going to fulfill whichever of his baser desires as occur to him, each thought careening around haphazardly inside that big block head of his. So, we’ll just have to score Titus as a 50/50 between Mom and I, unless I’m feeling truthful; then it would be 100٪ Titus, loyal mostly to himself.

That leaves the Queen Herself. Even though she’s rapidly aging, she and I still have the same arrangement that we’ve had for the last ten years: what’s hers is hers, what’s mine is hers, and evidently I have absolutely no say in the matter. In all my dealings with those of the canine persuasion, I’ve never had a relationship with a dog that simultaneously plays the roles of an obnoxious diva as well as that of a needy little girl. She remains a total pain in my butt, but there will never be another dog that stands a chance at having even a fraction of the impact that she still has on my life. It is my genuine hope that each of you has the opportunity to experience having your own personal Charlie at least once in your life…

We be of one blood, ye and I.

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