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Damaged goods

Rainy day in August; always a good thing at the Casa, as it not only breaks the cycle of viciously humid days, it also forces dad to slow down a bit. I like to GO! GO! GO! as much as any dog, but sometimes it’s good to hang around the house for a bit, the siren call of the road somewhat muted by the rain drumming on the back porch. The hummingbirds are undeterred by a little precipitation and continue their violently predatory ways, but the rain seems to have subdued the yellow jackets and wasps; we have declared an armistice, and will resume hostilities tomorrow.

We at the Casa have a “thing” for the underdog: the abandoned dog, the misfit person, the old car, the untrendy motorcycle(dad’s excuse), but sometimes we even take it to ridiculous extremes, if you can imagine anyone at the Casa EVER doing anything over the top.

When we hit the grocery store, we usually find ourselves at the “damaged goods” bin; not necessarily as a cost saving measure, but as some sort of reminder that we all are damaged but still good. Although the can may be dented and the label torn, the peaches inside are still as good as the day they were born.

Like me, many readers of this page could be considered by some to be damaged goods; the farther the package travels and the more it is handled, the more apt there is to be superficial damage, but the key word here is not “damaged” but “good”. The package does not define the contents, it merely serves as the medium of transport.

You’ve all seen the pictures of my rescue; the cold drizzle, the motorcycles, etc. What you don’t see (thankfully) is dad’s colostomy bag, the result of a freak motorcycle accident barely two months before. As you can imagine, at the time this was a MAJOR issue, one that he was sure would never pass (get it? “pass”? I kill myself), but now that’s all behind him(there I “go” again). A second surgery was succesful and what was once a life changing situation has left him with just a little additional damage to his packaging.

Mom’s package is no different; cancer surgery, chemo, a thoracotomy, and all the associated indignities over the years have left her with her own particular physical personality. But, like yours, this does not define the contents, and to be honest, hasn’t really changed the packaging that much either.

Time heals all wounds.

When I emerged from the crate, I’m sure I looked and smelled like damaged goods, not a spot on me that dad and Zach could pet due to the protruding bones and oozing sores, but that was then, and this is now. Now the only physical reminder I carry of this particular time is literally on my back; three white hairs that mark the last lesion to heal, the spot on the arch of my spine that was rubbed through by constant contact with the crate. Maybe someday thelse hairs will vanish as well, then again, it matters not; what does matter is that my packaging does not define who I am any more than your’s defines you.

Speaking of packaging, I’m fixing to do a little damage to Mia’s if she doesn’t get that squeaky ball out of my face when I’m trying to finish a post; mom gifted me a new phone last night, a waterproof, shockproof Samsung Active 7, and we need some quiet time together.

Doubtful that this will ever happen until we take this show on the road, as there is precious little quiet time at the Casa.

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  1. Dee Soulier

    such wisdom from the Queen of the Casa.

  2. Michelle Dumas

    These are our newest “damaged goods”. They were returned to their birth farm for being too affectionate and needing too much attention… WHAT????? We got the call and took them right in. (Muddy Pond Farm always has room for 1…or 2 more) We are always at the top of the call list for the misfits and underdogs. ❤️

  3. Elisabeth Parrish

    Well said, Charlie! I am damaged goods myself.. and it took a great many years to get past the damage to the goods. Perhaps your wise words will help others speed up the process!

  4. Mary Hicks

    We all are damaged in some way, all marred, no one perfect! Thank you for your wisdom Charlie girl!! If I ever get to Arkansas, I want to meet you. Unless you can ever talk Dad into traveling a little further west to Nevada and northern Nevada not Las Vegas!!

  5. Jan Horne Crocker

    Also damaged goods – I thank you for the reminder that there is also ‘good’ inside this scarred up package. Sending you love ~ from Macon GA

  6. Susan Jensen Bittner

    I always find something to take away from your posts. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, so I’m feeling a little damaged myself. Your posts always make me smile. Thanks ❤️

  7. Aimee Hahn

    I keep hearing His voice saying “the least of these”. You are an excellent example, there at the Casa, of what it means to love the least of these. I learn every day. My Daisy still bears marks on her package, 5 years after the wound healed, I can still see the evidence of her past under her fur. But, she becomes more and more new every day. So, the goods get better in spite of the package. Thanks, CB, I needed this today.

  8. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    Wow, now this story hit home for so many of us. Thanks for sharing and making my day……..

  9. Marlene Petsche

    Have a wonderful Sunday Charlie and TRY to enjoy the quiet time 🙂

  10. Robin D Mahan

    Damaged goods here too, Charlie.. we’ve got our own bin started!!! 🙂 enjoy the rain

  11. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    Please share to if you care to; that’s how we spread the chark!

  12. Kathy Moody

    Love this post today. Feeling a little damaged due to some walking issues. But know that will pass and life will go on. Rainy here but enjoying the day because my son is visiting from the West coast.

  13. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    Gothic, CO; if you ever need a soul cleanse, this place and Gateway, CO are your remedies

  14. Jan Davis

    I lived in Colorado Springs for 8 yrs and there are so many beautiful places off the beaten path, I never got tired of looking at the mountains, so calming.

  15. Shawna Lynn Ramsey Nearhoof

    I have posted on your page a few times. We found out last week our daughter needs brain surgery to relieve pressure from a condition called chiari malformation. She is 8 years old. She is absolutely amazing. I wish I had her strength. I read your posts because anytime I start to get down because of her medical issue I remember everything happens exactly as its supposed to. Your posts help me realize there is always good with the bad. We get through and come out on the other side hopefully with a renewed sense of purpose.

  16. Marg Woodworth

    Beautiful. A frame for this

  17. Claudia Burris

    A reminder that we all need to look beyond the outer package and not judge, but to look on the inside and rejoice in what we find !!

  18. Karen Kopchick

    Yes indeed we are all “damaged goods”. Some of us are born that way like my daughter and others develop it as the years and trials and tribulations of life damage us. You are so very right that it doesn’t have to damage us for life and we can get back up and dust ourselves off and go on to live our lives as decently as possible. Thanks Charlie for showing us the way and proving that life is not all about the package but what’s inside the package that counts.

  19. Kathleen Ellis Delatorre

    Charlie , you are so wise. We are all damaged goods. I love your way with words. You are very special!

  20. Penny Toews

    No one makes it thru life without a little damage…its what you do after the trauma that really counts.☺

  21. Lisa Taylor

    You know I visit that damaged goods bin. Nothing wrong with it got my wounds from the pAst and I think I’m at better person because of it I learned a few life lessons from it,but I still love my peaches.
    Thanks for making me smile Dad and Charlie.

  22. Joy White

    I agree with Susan. These posts are so uplifting.

  23. Jeannine Prince

    Or…time wounds all heels. Hopefully.

  24. Jody Hess-Franey

    What a great post today Charlie! Your insight is quite inspirational.

  25. Fran Scott

    Nobody gets through this life without dents and dings…it’s part of living…

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