The Charlie Bravo Story

Enough already!

Unemployment, social division, an election resembling a uncivil war, bad news peremeating the very atmosphere in which we live, a toxic stew every bit as vile as the crate from whence I came; it’s sometimes difficult for this normally vivacious girl to maintain a positive outlook and post accordingly.

But then I remember that we all have a mission, and mine has always been to focus on the positive; what kind of ambassador for good would I be if forsook my post just when it is needed most?

Dad’s favorite line in “The Last of the Mohicans” comes when Magua(the vengeful antagonist) seeks permission to burn the English prisoners alive in retribution for past injustices; the chief’s response to this request:

“Magua’s heart is twisted, and he would make others into what twisted him”.

This is where the majority of our nation is currently at, so twisted with hate and righteous indignation that we are willing to burn our fellow man in the fires of public discourse.

Well, I art the Charles, and I refuse to strike the match.

I know that there are both Republicrats and Demoplicans in this family, and we will eventually have to put this whole sorry mess behind us and get back to the business at hand: spreading the message of the Crate. In this case, the crate is our belief that only our chosen candidate can positively affect change, and that the “other guy” is sending us straight into the abyss. Have we no faith? Haven’t bad situations time and again always proven to somehow “work out”?

Things may appear hopeless, but not as hopeless as I felt standing in my own feces in that claustrophobic crate for only God knows how long. But I held on, and an answer arrived, as it surely will in this instance as well. Until then I’m going to continue flouncing through life, dealing with what situations I can affect, peeing on those that I cannot, but always remembering a valuable lesson learned at Max’s expense on our last trip out west:

Never hike your leg on a cactus, or squat over a prickly pear; a couple of self-important nimrods arguing in front of teleprompters will be the LAST thing on your mind!

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  1. Jenna Hanan Moore

    Belly rubs to you, Charlie!!

  2. Jeanne Mancinelli

    As always Charlie, you put things in perspective.

  3. Christine Raznoff

    Ahh, the wise words of Charlie Bravo. That’s what this fine Thursday needed!

  4. Carol Tedford

    You are right, Charlie!! We all survive and move on after the election and hopefully, with MOST of our friends.. Such a Smart Girl you are!!

  5. Kathy Moody

    Poor Max! All I can say about recent events is that this too will pass.

  6. Ruth Thornton-Thayer

    If I was there CB I’d be laying right next to you doing the same thing!!

  7. Linda Hubbard

    Thank you Charlie for bringing some sense of order to this day. I was again so disturbed by last night’s debate and the thought that one of those two ****** would be our next President.

  8. Diane Brannon-Keech

    its an odd empty feeling not seeing Darling Nikki liking your post this morning! RIH

  9. Sam Howard

    As always, very well said Charlie.

  10. Dianne Lane

    You had me until you too fell prey with the use of “nimrods”. Stay above the name calling Chalie girl. You are better than that. ❤️

  11. Luke Sherwood

    My Kiki does that pose every time she’s in her bed, or when we have guests over

  12. Dianne Lane

    Thanks sweet Charlie girl.

  13. Jodi Aucoin

    If only Trump and Hillary thought like you do Charlie, the world would be a better place.

  14. Connie Allard

    Hopefully with all your contacts, and Charlie’s, that unemployment will change to employment. But must be nice to have some time off before employment kicks back in.

  15. Shannon Daniel

    That girl has got the life!

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