The Charlie Bravo Story

Forever and ever, Amen

Charlie Bravo here; with the arrival of Titus, the Hat Creek Cattle Outfit,, and now The Jude Bear, I feel I have been very magnanimous in sharing the spotlight. Now the attention needs to refocus on me, so I am reminding dad by rewriting one of our favorite songs; we love you, Randy…

You may think that I’m narcissistic
That I think that it’s all about me
You may wonder why
I’m not the slightest bit shy
This love that I feel for me always will be
I flounce and I strut when it suits me
Though a girl, my leg I may hike
I thrash about when I want
My lady bits even flaunt
As unseemly as it seems I do exactly as I like

Oh, baby,

I’m gonna love me forever
Forever and ever amen
As long as old dogs
Sit and scoot across the carpet
As long as old people
Sit and laugh and envy them
If you wonder how long I’ll be faithful
To myself, to be my best friend
I’m gonna love me, forever and ever, forever and ever, amen

They say time take its toll on a body
It made the hair on my muzzle turn gray
Well, I don’t give a fig, even my butt’s gotten big
More square feet to kiss, is all I can say
They say history is written by the victors
The story of losers a no-show
That inbred primate
that left me in that foul crate
Their name unknown forever though mine is Charlie Bravo!

Oh baby

I’m gonna love me forever
Forever and ever, amen
As long as we ride
Ride west into the sunset
As long as my ears
Keep popping in the wind
If you you wonder how long I’ll be faithful, to dad, my other best friend
I’m gonna love him, forever and ever, forever and ever, and ever and ever, and ever and ever, and ever and ever…

Aaaa… dog.

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