The Charlie Bravo Story

Foster Fail Blues

People wonder when I take these pit bulls in, don’t I worry that they may bite
Haven’t I seen in Time magazine, where all they’re trained to do is fight
Well, it’s true they a dangerous breed
They hog the bed, it just ain’t right
All I can do is the best I can do, and they let me sleep with them at night

All I can do is the best I can do, and worry about it at night
What I can’t affect
is no cause to reject
things I can to make things right
Others profess to have the answers
I find it hard to be polite
All I can do is the best I can do, and worry about it at night.

When I get up in the morning
I fear that which my foot may touch
From the southbound end of a northbound dog
The breed determines just how much
Rawhide chews give my feet the blues
Yarking sounds give me a fright
All I can do is the best I can do and worry ’bout it at night.

(Repeat chorus)

People think Charlie and I are afflicted
When we cross the country on the bike
Why, he dont even have that dog strapped in, his thinking just ain’t right
You ride your road, and I’ll ride mine
What’s wrong for you for me is right
It hard to worry what others may think, when you’re sleeping ‘neath the stars at night.

(Repeat chorus)

If your newsfeed scope is your daily dope
And you wallow in bad news
Facebook friends and media fiends,
Typhoid Mary’s spreading the blues
Do as we say, just not as we do
What’s good for us ain’t good for you
You can make a heaven of hell
When you escape their spell
Your best is all you can do.

(Repeat chorus)

You might consider your next words
When a tough case comes our way
You won’t worry about no pitbulls
If you say “this one must stay”
It’s hard to say no, harder to let go
The dogs are kings, I’m just a pawn
If it feels like something bit you where the good Lord split you
That’ll be you I’m chewing on.

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