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Goodbye 20023

Yesterday, I took an eighteen-hour road trip to help out a buddy of mine. After many droning hours behind the wheel, we were both a bit punch drunk from the constant assault of the road. But I have found that towards the end of any journey is when the conversation usually tends to “get real”, and we were closing in on the Casa when I caught myself making the observation, “I’ll be glad when this year is over”.
What was I saying? Although 2023 has had its share of unpleasant occurrences, what about the good? Sure, I had a ministroke, but also had a complete recovery and the chance to realize that words are a precious commodity. And although MacDuff did die unexpectedly, it was only after he and I had the chance to share the motorcycle across thousands of miles of the American southwest this summer. Yes, the engine in the CR-V did decide to croak in the middle of nowhere as well as in the middle of the night, but it was eventually repairable, and she is back on the road today. Although Charlie is slowing significantly, we did have another year together; her bossing me around like the diva she is, and myself acquiescencing meekly to her every demand.
And shortly before we lost the Duff, Nama was placed in my path. Although I refused to acknowledge it at the time, she is now showing distinct proclivities towards becoming the heir to the Charkstream as the next motorcycle dog of the Casa. So, why would I celebrate the passing of even one day, let alone of a whole year? I have reached the age that I have many more behind me than I have left in front of me; I can ill afford to regard even one as unworthy.
Life is a constant succession of waves; although we can do nothing to determine their size or frequency, we can control where in the cycle we choose to take our breaths and even occasionally relax in the knowledge that even the roughest of waves eventually smooth out a bit.
But all waves are different and refuse to be measured in exact segments. And a year is much more than simply a 365 day period that starts and ends on January 1st. It’s not like we can hit “reset” on the computer at midnight tonight and everything will somehow “fix” itself; the bills, the disappointments, even the pain, will still be there tomorrow. But the beauty of a new year is that it can also be a reminder that any day can mark the beginning of not just a new year but of a new era in our lives. And I choose to believe the next one is going to be a good one for all of us.
We be of one blood, ye and I.

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