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Happily content.

What’s the difference between happiness and contentment? One of the most evident manifestations of happiness is when dad asks if I want to do the “G” word; until we are saddled up and moving, I absolutely lose my mind. At even the slightest hint of a “go”, Max and I will stand in quivering paroxysmal anticipation, never letting dad out of our sight until he opens the car door.

If you think that we consider for a micro second the mess we carry with us at all time, the hair, slobber, dirty hooves, etc, and the effect that this will have on the interior of the vehicle , I think you are missing the picture. I have the same negative impact on dad’s eardrums, with the sonic boom of  my insistent “CHARK!!” rendering him deaf until the car or motorcycle starts moving.

Then it’s back and forth, side to side, as if something more miraculous will immediately  appear in the west while my attention is diverted by events in the east, until I eventually collapse, only to repeat the cycle again and again until dad grows irritated and uses The Voice.

This is what happiness is all about; food, freedom, frolicking, flouncing, all reasons to celebrate with wild abandon; however, happiness may come and go.

 Contentment, on the other hand, is often a way of life; my realization came early into my stay at the Casa when discovered that I could relax in the knowledge that my wandering days were over. Although my happiness can be frenetic and based on the moment, my contentment is usually peaceful and based on trust.

Don’t get me wrong; I still have those moments of anxiety, when I hear the motorcycle leave without me, or when dad won’t open the bathroom door, or when, heaven forbid, Max gets first shot at the cereal bowl, but overall, I’m a different girl than the scrawny, scabby skeleton that emerged from the crate.

What made the difference? Love, patience, nutrition, all these things make a difference, but one of the most important?


Time heals all wounds, but time is the one commodity that you have to give itself for it to be effective.

 No matter how unpleasant a situation may be, keep soldiering on and one day it will come as a total surprise when you can look back and whatever the condition, it will be like it happened to someone else.

Just like my crate; just because it made me who I was then doesn’t mean that it defines who I am now.

Thus sayeth the Charles.

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  1. Liz Sierra

    I love love love this!

  2. Jimmy Collins

    You can learn a lot about a man by the way he treats his animals. You have my utmost respect Sir.

  3. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    Good words Charlie and yes, very wise. Made my morning again. Thanks.

  4. Marlene Petsche

    What a wonderful comparison, I told Dan just now that I am so looking forward to the book 🙂

  5. Sam Howard

    Charlie, guess what ? Your normal !! What makes you different? You have a wonderful family.

  6. Mary Hicks

    Great words Charlie!!

  7. Bob Newell

    Sounds exactly like my house in the morning. My two (Max and Doc) pace and follow me around during my morning routine. They get the last of the milk from the cereal bowl and they pace some more as I put on my running shoes. The whining increases, the pacing ramps up to hopping…I say the “G” word and start for the garage door but they beat me to it, trying to be the first one out. The noise level increases to a screaming pitch until I get the door open and they are out. You’re right Charlie, that is happiness. After our outing, they are content. Never thought about the difference….excellent point.

  8. Claudia Burris

    Morning words of wisdom !

  9. Karen Kinakin

    Such a wise Charlie 🙂

  10. John Wilson

    So true so true, if you say go around my house she has to go or else!

  11. Kim Andrews Kirby

    ❤️❤️❤️. Book. Write a book please! With pix!

  12. Mary Lou Force

    What a beautiful and deeply wise essay. I am saving this one.

  13. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Charlie, you are wise. Your understanding and advice is always so very sound. Your family is lucky to have you. 😉

  14. Diane A. Weakley

    Love your words of wisdom , Charlie !

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