The Charlie Bravo Story

I am ashamed

…of the incessant braying of the political Facebook jackasses that seem fully incapable of refraining from continously kicking the tsar baby. Good lord, if your side “won” as you perceive it, show a bit of dignity, limit the showboating in the end zone and act like you’ve been there before. And the same is true if you feel like your side “lost”; if you have any confidence in your cause, I would think that you would put the best face possible on your defeat and move

It kills me to look at someone’s wall only to see post after post fixating on only one issue or person. It is said that he/she who angers you controls you; this being true, it would appear that a metric ton of people are marching lockstep to the cadence being called by the very thing that which they claim to despise.

From the beginning, the goal of this page was to provide a non-biased, non-saccharine refuge from the constant barrage of negativity provided by social media, and it would appear that it is as necessary today as it was five years ago. So here’s a bit of good news for a change:

Today, mom and I flew out to North Carolina to load up a UHaul of Oba’s belongings and drive back to the Casa del Whackos. We had an extensive layover in Charlotte(oh joy, overpriced airport cuisine), and were about to board our connecting flight to the coast when I spotted an Arai ADV motorcycle helmet on a nearby table.

And a dog. On the floor, not on the table, but a dog in an airport concourse nonetheless, not an encounter to be taken casually.

Lo and behold, it was a fellow ADVer, Israel Gillete and his motorcycle dog Dan. Although we had never met, we had conversed in various motorcycle forums around the web, and soon discovered that we had mutual friends, Tim and Marissa Notier, who are on their own around the world odyssey. After a day of seeing political crap on every big screen sewer pipe we passed, it was refreshing to forget the junk and just talk motorcycles for a bit.

And dogs. And dogs on motorcycles, which is the best.

I checked out Israel’s page and was delighted to see pictures and stories of his two wheeled and four legged exploits, with no mention of his politics. If you’re having that much fun living life, who has time to dwell on the antics of a bunch of self-serving pontificating windbags in Washington?

I know that I don’t; I haven’t been gone a full day and I’m already in full-on dog withdrawal mode. Trying to get to sleep minus a herd of bed-hogging canines is something I can’t seem to accomplish, although I know that we have a few hard days ahead of us before we get home to the inmates at the Casa.

Step away from the maelstrom; we have so much more in common than that which would divide us. If nothing else, we have the story of a ragged black dog left to starve in a crate only to survive and become the diva that she is today, and that’s enough for me.

We be of one blood, ye and I.

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