The Charlie Bravo Story

MacDuff finds his way Home

How did you know my name? And where am I?
I’m Stevie Mae. Charlie sent word that you might be heading this way, so all of us waited; we’ve all been dying to meet you.
Just who is “us”? Wait a minute, I’ve heard Dad talk about you; after Charlie, weren’t you the second to come and the first to leave the Casa?
That’s me; at the time, no one understood my abrupt departure, but now it all makes sense. I was sent to be the sentinel, and have been here ever since, a part of the special welcoming committee for the inmates of the Casa.
Who else is here? Anybody I know?
Oh, we’re all here, although most arrived before your time. Even Mom’s dogs, Mia and Angel, are here, although Finnish Spitz tend to keep to themselves. Uki the Wonder Dog is off somewhere gallivanting through the mountains he so loved, and King Beebe is roaming the rice fields that are perpetually full of the ducks he lived to retrieve.
What about Max and Bull Taco? Dad used to go on and on about them as well.
Oh, they’ll be along directly; they’re off spreading the word that the legendary Sir Mac o’ the Duff finally made it, and there’s going to be one heckuva throwdown tonight.
Hey, Stevie?
Yes, Duff?
What about Dad? How’s he taking all this?
Well, I’m not supposed to say, seeing how this place is not a place of sorrow, but since you just got here, I’ll make the rare exception; I don’t think that I’ve ever seen him this busted up for this long. But he’ll make it eventually; time heals all wounds, even the ones that feel like they’ll never heal.
We did have a special thing going on… How is it that I can still faintly see him?
The portal is closing, as it always must; then all is happiness and expectation of a day that we will all meet again.
Is there anything I can do? Send him a message somehow?
Well, there is a way… although she’s just a pup, Nama seems to be an old soul and to already have a way with these types of matters; I’m sure that she can convey any special feelings that you might want to send his way. And of course there’s Charlie, but she’s starting to prepare for her own journey; what a day THAT will be! I can’t wait to see that mouthy diva again. Now, let’s go have a party and celebrate the coming of a grand reunion where we can all climb on top of him on that great celestial bed that has no beginning or end.
(the portal begins to close…)
Dad: I could’ve swore I just heard a high-pitched dog bark… I kin ye, MacDuff.

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