The Charlie Bravo Story

Midnight on the FM dial…

On a dark county highway
Out where Chuck and Stevie were found
Out cruising in the Booroo
To see what mischief abounds
Through the clouds of mosquitos
Obscuring the pale moonlight
Thankfully there are no abandoned dogs
To be found out here tonight!


There’s a lady who’s sure
That the bed is all hers
And she lives is a house called
Del Whackos
When you get there you’ll know
As your eardrums will be blown
A cacophony of loud charking
And yapping


You don’t have to share the bed tonight
Ajax and Mia are with mom on the couch
You don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right
You don’t have to share the bed tonight
Those days are over
Dad sleeping on the floor is such a sight.


“And in late breaking news from the Capitol, Republicrats and Demopublicans have agreed to…”

(Very quick static)

If time was controlled with a throttle
I’ll tell you just what I would do
I would spend every day
On life’s blue highway
And then I would spend it with you


Sometimes you can hear them say
Enough to make you hurl
“With a name like Charlie Bravo
Is that a boy or is that a girl?”
You would think the lack of plumbing
Shows I’m a duchess not an earl.

(Radio off)

Hey, dad…

Yo, Charlie?

Can you roll up the window? It’s getting a bit chilly tonight…

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