Charlie Bravo mugging for the camera.
The Charlie Bravo Story

Morning constitutional

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak, squeak, squeak…

Dang it, Charlie, how am I supposed to concentrate with you squeaking that stupid ball in my face?

Squeak, squeak…

And how many times have I told you that it’s the highest form of rudeness to talk with your mouth full, or failing that, to interrupt while someone is, shall we say,  “occupado”, and here you are, doing both at once?

Squeak squeak, squeak squeak squeak.

And just because that both phrases “toy time” and “toilet time” start with the same consonant and vowel, the two are not mutually interchangeable!

Squeak, squeak…

By the way,  the Ceremonial Scratching of the Royal Buttocks will have to be postponed until a more appropriate time as well, as it is the very height of unseemliness for the Queen to go around demanding attention by hunching her Highness’s hindquarters  on her loyal servant as he is attempting to hunker.

Squeak?(that was dad, not the ball)

Charlie, going to the toilet is supposed to be a solitary event and not a team effort; I’ve made it this far in life without a four legged life coach offering encouragement from the sidelines. Besides, how would you like it if I were to follow you around the back yard while you were searching for the perfect place to, shall we say,  “twitch the tail”?

squeaksqueaksqueak, squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak.

OK, now you’ve done it!  Here’s Max and Mia, coming to see what all the ruckus is all about…  MOOOOOMMMMM!  I’m heading down the street to the gas station to get a little relief from this asylum!

(Charlie immediately spits ball of floor…)

Yo, dad, can I “Go”?

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  1. Tamara Melchi Doman

    What a girl, CHARLIE!! We must live with her cousin, Shelby! That’s Shelby…and her kitty harem! :/

  2. Marie Theriault Shaw

    I thought your joints were squeaking!

  3. Sam Howard

    Have a great day “Casa del Wackos”.

  4. Mollie Walls

    I needed the funny this morning. So much like my Shelbie. LOL

  5. Red Maryann Cook Godbey

    Bahahaha I feel your joy/pain!!!

  6. Kathy Moody

    What is it with dogs and squeaky toys!

  7. Karen Ragle

    Thanks for the morning laugh! So needed! TGIF

  8. Rose Bortolussi

    So thankful our dogs never got into squeaky toys.

  9. Jeanne Mancinelli

    You just can’t make this stuff up!

  10. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    Two dogs and at least two cats accompany me every time I ascend the stairs to the loo! Sometimes….all the time…one of the cats, Luna, runs up and cuts in front of me which usually causes me to trip, fall, practically kill myself. Fun times. 😉

  11. Terry Hinds

    My Morning Laugh……….haha. ( my husband just asked why the smile on my face) ☺️

  12. Fran Scott

    CB will do anything to help speed up the “go” (double entendre intended) 🙂

  13. Loretta Lavelle

    I totally understand. I have 2 female Chiwinnie’s, Bailey and Gypsy and one of Bailey’s pup’s, Moo a 7 month old male. I’ve always had dogs and never known private bathroom time. Its amazing how exciting they seem to find it following me there. I try chasing them out which they now think is this wonderful game,bof running out and back in, I give up.

  14. Loretta Lavelle

    Moo already for his first Christmas.

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