The Charlie Bravo Story

My Story Begins Here…

Dad here.

On a cold, raw day in January, my son Zach and I were making a high speed pass through a rural area east of Little Rock when we spotted a dog crate partially hidden in the weeds beside the road. Something – or Someone – made us stop and check the crate. What we found was beyond horrible…

A full sized dog reduced to a ragged, scabby skeleton, smelling so strongly of death that we couldn’t stand to be downwind, her white feet stained brown from standing hunched in her own feces.

As she had oozing abrasions on her hips, spine, head and legs, we initially thought that she had been hit by a car until we realized that these open wounds weren’t road rash at all, but contact sores from constant contact with the inside of the filthy crate.

Her length of incarceration is unknown, but it was long enough for her claws to grow back under and into her pads to the point that she couldn’t walk, and long enough for her to grow desperate enough for escape to attempt to chew out the top of her plastic prison in a frenzy of hunger and claustrophobia.

Not one word of discussion passed between Zach and I concerning what we needed to do, but as we were both riding motorcycles, how to accomplish it?

Putting her back in the crate was NOT an option, so we had no choice but to leave her and ride hell bent for leather towards home, hoping against hope that she would still be there when we returned with Zach’s truck.

The seriousness of the situation was compounded by the fact that one of the bikes ran out of gas, and it was quite some time before we could get everything squared away and back to where she lay.

I was surprised to find her huddled against the very thing that had recently been her former prison, and felt my heart sink when she didn’t move as we approached.

I was sure that we were too late. But then I heard an almost inaudible growl, and I thought, “if you’ve got enough strength to growl, you’ve got enough strength to live,” and we got her loaded up into the back seat of Zach’s truck and headed home to the Casa del Whackos.

As we already have numerous dogs, adoption wasn’t a consideration, but life is what happens when you’re making other plans. Soon, the ragged girl began to not only blossom into the black beauty she is today, but to find her own voice.

As Zach and I were riding Honda CB motorcycles on that incredible day, she named herself Charlie Bravo, and this is her story.

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  1. Kristine

    I still like reading your story

  2. Aida

    I have read this story a 100 times and every time it bring tears to my eyes. I enjoy Charlie’s adventures, so happy she found such a great family

  3. Annie

    Every time read it, and it has been sooo many times, I get the same chill up my spine, and rush in my heart. We share one universal spirit, and love. When we tap into that, nothing is impossible.

  4. Sandy Campbell

    Such a happy ending Charlie has!

  5. Wendi Macey

    God Bless you both! I’ve read this story and cried many times!!!

  6. Vicki Eshleman

    i am so thankful,,,that you found charlie and share her adventures with us.,,,it makes my day to see her happy..healthy and living a life all dogs are entitled to…thank you

  7. Luke Sherwood

    To think of where Charlie began and how she looked then, to how she is now and how fabulous she looks. On top of which becoming queen of her own casa.

  8. Nancy Moore

    Loved the story then and love it even more now! We love you Charlie Bravo in NJ!!!!

  9. Joy Pensinger

    God bless you! So very thankful she found you! 🙂

  10. Lucia-Diana Delgado

    Thanks God the dog save bless you guys

  11. Mike Capraro

    Thank you,that dog needed an guardian angel,and you were their! !

  12. Christa Harrell

    This picture makes me sad, I know, I know, you have gotten on to me before about that, but I can not help myself, but looking at her now makes it all better, thank you again for your great love for her~~~~

  13. Monica Ciuffo

    what a wonderfull story!!!!!good luck to charlie and you too

  14. Roberto Farfaraway Daark

    Persone del genere meriterebbero grandi pene!!!

  15. Cheri Finkbiner

    Hello again Charlie girl, I’m still in love with you~ <3 <3 <3

  16. Avrielle Coffield

    Reading this made me cry 🙁 of sadness and happiness how could someone just abandon a poor little puppy like that? So many cruel people in this world animal’s have a reason to live they are just like human’s but just a little different. When I grow up, I’m going to rescue animal’s that are injured or that have no homes! <3

  17. Geraldine GH

    God Bless you angels for finding and rescuing angelic dog Charlie Bravo. I have tears and a lump in my throat after reading the story. I don’t know what kind of “person” could do what they did to her.

  18. Rhiannon Renee Rock

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  19. Judy Gardner

    you are a wonderful person for saving this baby.

  20. Julie Leonard Fleury

    This is a powerful story as I read this tears are rolling down my eyes but the tears fade as I keep reading this story knowing that charlie is a lucky dog to have a wonderful family who loves her I cant see how anyone could ever do this to a animal for gods sake take a dog to the shelter if you cant take care of it. You are wonderful to help charlie thank you!

  21. Armila Alderete

    amazing rescue brought tear of joy to see him so beautiful and strong bless you for keep him

  22. Violet Dauer

    God Bless you for saving that puppy. That is one grafteful, happy dog.

  23. Chamlong Elberson

    God bless your love ones and you baby

  24. RogerAllen Phillips

    You people are absolutely awesome. Made my day thank you.

  25. BarbaraAnn Balzaretti Flannery

    You two are HEROES and I love you for what you’ve done – look at the beautiful life she has now!!!!! God bless you for having a heart the size of Montana! <3 <3 <3 <3

  26. Gina Holmes Blackburn

    This story made me cry! Who could do that to a living creature?? Thank you for saving her!

  27. Thornton

    I saw this story a long time ago and I was so moved it had me crying uncontrollably. I am so glad there are wonderful, kind, caring, and loving people in this world like the father and son who did this for Charlie. Kudos to you both and may God send yo many blessings.
    Thornton in Mexico

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