The Charlie Bravo Story

Night moves

Why do these situations always seem to happen at night? When I was a sprout spending time on my grandparents cattle farm, you could bet money that if a cow was going to have issues throwing a calf, it would be 4 AM, in the rain, and probably below freezing. The same seems to be true with dogs, whether it’s with a litter of pups or with an adult with a debilitating condition; again, 4 AM, when the vets are closed, and no one is around to attempt to handle the situation except yourself. Then you realize how powerless you really are to affect real change, and all you can sometimes do is just be there.

When they show up in the night
It’s a blessing and it’s a curse
They come to us for our help
But we seem to only make it worse
Although we’re supposed to have the answers
To the questions they can’t say
All we can do is what we can do
And be there at the break of day.

But then morning comes, and no matter how terrible were the events of the previous night, there are still others to care for.

Put one foot in front of the other
Stepping into the here and now
I’m not sure just where I’m going
But I will make it anyhow.

Kin ye, Ajax; next time it will be better.

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