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Heavy storms rolled through Arkansas last night; while most of the potentially damaging weather skirted to the north the Casa, the loud thunder and heavy rain are just beginning to abate.

The inmates are not especially affected by bad weather, but after a prolonged period, the constant barrage begins to wear on even Charlie’s last nerve. Thunder claps that didn’t affect her in the least early in the evening later found the usually indomitable girl whimpering under the covers in the wee hours of the morning.

Sound familiar? Insignificant circumstances and actions that start out as barely noticeable in the beginning have a way of morphing into cataclysmic events as the frequency and duration continues. The storm that began last night was the same storm that continued on into the morning hours; the only thing that made it seem like it worsened was the duration. Both Mom and I were convinced that we heard at least one tree fall, but the combination of heavy rain and darkness made any damage impossible to assess. But that’s the way darkness usually works; the scariest things always seem to be those just beyond our field of vision.

As the sun began to rise this morning, the dogs and I went outside to survey the damage and possibly add a little more moisture to the already soaked earth, if you know what I’m saying. While there was a good deal of clutter to be found, the damage was in no way as extensive as what we had spent the previous night fearing. A beautiful day is in the forecast, and the memories of last night are already fading. The dread of possible tornados has been replaced by the gratitude of the much needed rain to replenish the results of last summer’s brutal deficit.

And while it was rough last night, it no doubt created some fantastic waterfalls up in the mountains; Nama and I might just have to take the day to sneak off to have a peek… I’m pretty sure that Charlie will appreciate the opportunity to catch up on her beauty rest.

We be of one blood, ye and I

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