The Charlie Bravo Story

Roman’s 8:24

Dad here; I thought I was going to sneak out today for a little two wheeled therapy on the Salsa when I spotted a bit of white curled up in the leaves on the side of the road. She showed no sign of aggression as I approached, but neither did she make any advances when I stopped just short of touching her. It was obvious that she had recently had a litter of pups, but they were nowhere in sight, and her udders had began to deflate.

I’m embarrassed to say that, as I was in the van, I didnt have any food, but I wasn’t that far from the Casa. Of course, mom wanted to know what I was doing home so soon, and again, of course, followed me down to where the old girl had been laid up.

By this time we returned, she had gotten to her feet but still made no attempt to advance or retreat as I approached. The ungrateful hussy quickly dissed me in favor of mom, an insult I will NOT soon forget, and we got a better look at her condition. She obviously has been quite the traveler, as her toenails were worn down to nubs, and a lump on her face appears to be either from a broken jaw or an impacted tooth, mom thinks it’s a bullet wound. It is difficult to say if her labored breathing is from nerves or internal injuries, and she has multiple old bite marks on her ears and neck, as well as what might be an infected pellet whelp on her butt.

So we left her there and went and saw a movie.

Riiiiight… like you believe THAT! She is now back at the Casa in a pile of blankets; still refusing to eat, although she did yark profusely into her food bowl. She is now drinking a little, which is always a good sign, and we’ll keep vigil through the night.

Oh, and why Romans 8:24?

“For we are saved by Hope”

We’ll see if Hope really does rise in the morning; stay tuned.

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