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Saying goodbye

The viciousness and divisiveness on Facebook has got me questioning Charlie’s continued involvement on it. The whole purpose from the beginning was to create a safe haven from the vile crap elsewhere on social media; the problem arises when we log on to make a post and invariably get sucked down into the septic tank.

And I don’t believe for a minute that an “algorithm” is involved, as I have never once expressed any interest in incarcerated WNBA players, alphabet issues, or political ideology of any sort. But this is what is continuously placed before me, and I’m getting pretty sick of being force fed the same continous diet, day in and day out.

But I’ve been here before, ready to say “no mas” and walk away. Not from the blog,, but from the shitstorm that is social media. But I believe that Charlie’s voice is more important than it’s ever been, and FB is where many of you follow her.

But every now and then, we see something on social media that triggers a thought that we feel needs addressing. This happened today when I saw the following writer’s prompt on a page “suggested” for me. I know that they weren’t expecting my type of response, but it spoke to me concerning an uncomfortable subject that I feel of the highest importance: euthanasia. And how incredibly important it is for us to be there for them in that final moment, especially when they’ve been there for us for a lifetime of such moments; it’s always too soon until it’s too late.

So, this is what we wrote, while someone was chopping onions in the immediate vicinity:

“The sensation of the cold metal table beneath me was offset by the comforting mass of my master above me. Even when I felt the strange coolness enter the vein through the needle in my forearm and the world begin to fade, I didn’t panic; He was here, and that’s all that mattered”

“And I would see Him on the other side.”

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