The Charlie Bravo Story

Senor Bultaco el Vivaracho de la Casa del Whackos

Max here: between Bull’s limited command of the English language and the difficulty he has typing and using Google Translate due to his injured right wing, I will be helping him post until he can attend some night classes at the local community college.

From what I can piece together from his story, his original name was simply Hector, and he was born on Cinco de Mayo in Guadalajara, Mexico in the year of our Lord 2014. His earliest memories are of helping to cultivate the family farm, his job being to manicure and package the sticky green buds before they were shipped north to Colorado. When his family learned of the upcoming federal building project that may be soon forthcoming at the border, they decided to send young Hector north to find his fortune.

Crossing scorpion laden deserts(both the two- and eight-legged variety) and swimming the muddy Rio Grande (well, wading for most, but he’s a little guy), he suffered many treacherous miles; it was on such a night that the desert moon illuminated his first encounter with a band of bloodthirsty banditos; although he left them laying motionless in the very spot where they thought to leave him, the experience left him with the crippled right arm that afflicts him to this day. His daring actions to defend other himself and other refugees earned him the title of El Zurdo, “the Lefty”, leaving envious males and grateful females in his wake all up and down the border. Eventually his exploits attracted him some unwanted attention from the Chihuahua Cartel, and he had to slip across the border at Boquillas into the relative safety of the Land of the Yanquis.

At this time, he wasn’t traveling alone; more on his traveling companion in a later post…

In an effort to build a new life, he decided to change his name to something a bit more memorable than Hector, but not as sinister as El Zurdo. It was during this time that he was holed up in a barn with another undocumented immigrant, Manuel Labor, when they found a dust covered Bultaco motorcycle stashed back in the shadows. After much tinkering and cursing under his breath(his mamacita would have washed his mouth out with sopa had she heard him), he and Manuel coaxed the old machine back to life. Hector became so aggressive on the bike, charging across the dry Chihuahuan desert, pinning the throttle with his crippled right paw that Manuel began calling him el Toro, the Bull.

Bultaco seemed a little less threatening, and the name stuck.

Bull wandered here and there, sometimes trotting, sometimes hitching rides with friendly truck drivers and vacationing families. He was working his way across the southwest when he received word that there was a benevolent dictator at a place called the Casa del Whackos in Arkansas, where he could find a decent health care plan and recover from his previous injuries.

Through a stroke of luck(or was it divine providence?), the last ride he hitched left him at the trucking terminal where dad had started working that very day.

So here he sits, acting like he’s been here his entire life instead of just one week.

Viva la Bultaco!

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  1. Kathleen Ellis Delatorre

    Can’t wait to read what Bultaco writes after his classes at the CC.

  2. Diana O'Connell

    Welcome Home, Bultaco! You are in the sauce now!

  3. Christina Sanchez

    Darn you, that was the most amazing story ever.

  4. Cathy Buro-Yauch

    I’ve been behind on the happenings at the Casa. I see you have a new edition! He is adorable <3. How is Charlie taking the new edition?

  5. Connie Allard

    Such a wonderful and interesting story. Thank you.

  6. Liz Bell Dotterer

    From one zurdo to another, welcome home. Being a lefty isn’t all bad. 🙂

  7. Luci Hodges

    Mike Reilly
    Read his story… Lol

  8. Andrea Bates Gerlach

    Amazing story Bull and dang if you aren’t the cutest little man! I think the Casa is the place for you.

  9. Kathy Moody

    Just reading that left me exhausted . Welcome to the Casa.

  10. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    If you would like to donate some dinero towards Bull’s medical expenses, here’s the place…

  11. Risa Burgess Platt

    Bull is quite talented to come so far to find the PERFECT home!!! I’m so glad he is no longer involved in the family business. Maybe now he can find a decent job and settle down. 🙂 And I gotta tell ya, Max can sure spin a story! <3

  12. Patsy Patten

    So cute!! Glad he’s found a place of love and kindness.

  13. Vicki Leal Tobin

    My rescued little girl Haddie says Hola!

  14. Kirstine Jones

    Those ears! Bless him xxxx

  15. Sandy Lane

    Another Loco inmate for the Casa, another canine adventure for us to experience second hand. Never a dull moment!

  16. Anna White

    What an adventure – my girls just love a story! They hope to hear some more.

  17. Sam Howard

    Very smart El Toro, you are at the best embassy.

  18. Karen Ragle

    Awesome adventure! So glad sweet Bull landed at the Arkansas Embassy – otherwise know as Casa del Whackos!!

  19. Pam Rollins

    The new addition is very handsome!

  20. Liz Bell Dotterer

    Just contributed. Thanks for allowing us to partner with you!

  21. Alaine Gentner

    Have you ever read Skippyjon jones? It’s a child’s book.. but about a Siamese cat who thinks he’s a chihuahua, who goes out on adventures in his closet! Your writing here, reminds me of Skippy! Love it! Made me laugh and chuckle!

  22. Kim Griffin

    Wow, what an adventure this little guy has had! Thank you Max for the translation!

  23. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    ….and the adventures of El Torro continue!

  24. Gloria Filippi

    Sweet face!!!! Irresistible!!!

  25. Carly Taylor

    My little El Toro looks just like him. xx

  26. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Max thanks for helping Bull tell his story. Sounds like he will fit in quite well !!

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