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Dad here; we put a few hundred miles on the bike yesterday. My buddies Fletch and Kyle are fully aware of what always transpires when I get wound up, but for some reason, decide to go along anyway. I say that this exhibits certain masochistic tendencies on their part, they think it’s narcissistic compulsion on mine, but it’s obvious that we all need psychiatric intervention.

As you know, Charlie has the tendeny to be just a tad “excitable”. I was on one of my own wide open tangents yesterday, and Fletch noted “if you were a dog, you would be Charlie”.


Few things render me speechless: An Arkansas sunrise, a New Mexico sunset, mom’s selfless devotion, puppy breath, the perfect chord dropped into the perfect song at the perfect time; Fletch’s comment was one of those things. Another came when we arrived back at the Casa to find a padded envelope from Cathy waiting in the mail box. Inside was a wood burning of Max that so perfectly captured his personality that my jaw dropped; to do this with pen and ink would be incredible in its own right, but to do it with an iron is unbelievable.

This piece of art now occupies the wall in Zach’s old room, a wall that also contains Darcy’s star certificate, Ruth’s wood art, Randy’s oil painting, Tim’s Don Quixote sculptures, Fletch’s demijohn, and Deb’s stunning certificate of inclusion in the daily prayers of a Dominican monastery. What the wall doesn’t contain is the other acts of kindness to numerous to mention, sometimes physical but always spiritual, and always coming at a time when they seem to be needed most. It’s not too often in life that you get to choose your family, but this Charlie Bravo experience continues to be one of those times; we be of one blood, ye and I.

Charlie and I are planning another trip west this spring/summer, but the method of conveyance is still undetermined; do we take the road bike and stay on the pavement, or the dual sport and take to the trails? That’s a LOT of miles across the plains before we even get to the mountains. Do we take the newer Subie and camp on the roadside? That sounds cool, but then again, it’s a CAR… do we instead take Miss Ellie? That’s a huge task to ask of such an old girl.

We don’t have all the answers, we don’t even know all the questions, but we do know one thing for certain:

As always, it will be quite the party; we hope to see you on the road!

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  1. Tammy Jones

    Wonderful and forever in a heart with love.

  2. Marjorie Erdman

    His eyes sparkle and his nose is wet. Just like in life. How wonderful that she was able to capture his spirit so well.

  3. Marlene Petsche

    That is an absolutely amazing piece of art. MAX ❤

  4. Robin Lindell Coe

    A beautiful gift of love and forever remembrance of Max. ❤

  5. Sam Howard

    Perfect in every way.

  6. Debbie Carr Holley

    Things like this restore my faith in humanity. During this time of such divisiveness when someone can reach out to another human being and bring comfort to them in whatever way they can makes me still feel there is hope for us all. Thanks to Cathy for making me feel better too. 🙂 <3 It is an amazing, beautiful likeness!!!

  7. Yvonne Foster

    Precious so very precious

  8. Krystal Kinder

    Wow so beautiful! It really captures max! She really did an excellent job! RIP max!

  9. Kim Griffin

    Beautiful reminder of a faithful companion. ❤

  10. Fran Scott

    Fabulous art! Such a great keepsake

  11. Carol Lingster

    we trailer our motorcycles in back of our cage; just sayin, you need an emergency place to crash on the road and Miss Elly does like you both to snuggle up in her backside.
    And Max will be with you both in spirit.

  12. Mikki Calm

    I love the wood burning picture of Max. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift!

  13. Stephanie Walroth Price

    That wood burning of Max is absolutely beautiful and incredibly caring.

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