The Charlie Bravo Story

The Ballad of Charlie Bravo

Twas ragged and raw and the outriders saw
She had been there for quite a long while
In a crate by the road with no end in sight
No houses for many a mile
They stopped for a bit, then sped away in a cloud
Of dust and exhaust so blue
She resigned herself that this was her fate
The Crate was all she knew

Then she pricked up her ears at the sound of the bikes
And the riders came back into sight
So weak she was, she could barely move
Hey famine overcoming her fright
But her was a change! Hands reaching out
Feelings of pleasure, not pain
They left once again but came back with a truck
And headed for home in the rain.

Due to her plight, she spent that first night
Sleeping with Zach and the bikes
Though Hondas and Harleys are great on the road
They’re not the bedpartners she likes
Her first day at the spa, with Alex and Ma
Starting her new life with a clean sheet
First the smell, then then pain
Vanishing down the drain
Leaving a shiny black coat and white feet.

As her confidence grew, her message did too
That we all live in some sort of crate
No matter how impossible our conditions may seem
Hope never fails if we wait
Now she hogs the whole bed
From the foot to the head
She’s the Queen of the Casa you know
She rides on the back
Of a Honda so black
Her name is Charlie Bravo!

But wait! there’s some more!
there’s a line at the door!
Charlie must have let the word leak!
first Stevie and Max, then the Bull and Ajax
it seems a new one arrives every week
though some go and some stay
not one’s turned away
none are labeled a freak or a geek
the color of their skin
or the shape that they’re in
matters not when it’s shelter they seek.

From Marco the Small to Titus the Tall
the chihuahua and pit bull that’s feared
from the showdogs that strut
to the most carefree mutt
neither better or worse based on breed
But the Queen of them all
From the large to the small
Whether they come and they stay or they go
Is a traveling nomad
On the road with her dad
And her name is Charlie Bravo!

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