The Charlie Bravo Story

The final countdownJoe

Dad has been busy taking care of the last minute minutae before returning to work next week, but yesterday was an exceptionally beautiful day at the Casa, so on the bike we went.

I have many things I particularly enjoy: licking dad, laying on dad, annoying dad, sleeping with dad, bogarting dad’s food, (are we seeing a pattern here?), but what I love best is riding with dad. Taking Miss Ellie is always cause for excessive celebration, but the bike?

That’s what makes my heart overload.

The almost imperceptible click of the key being inserted into the ignition is all it takes to send me into quivering, paroxysmal fit of anticipation. Who gives a flying fig who’s sitting in or marching on the White House when we’re carving through the curves, my ears popping in the wind as it peels my floppy lips back from my choppers. This causes my teeth to dry out and my lips to stick so when we finally stop, I’m sporting a maniacal Joker-like grin.

After enough time in the saddle, I eventually calm down enough to lay my head on dad’s right shoulder and go with the flow, but no matter how long the ride or how foul the conditions, I have yet to lay down in the crate to escape the cold and rain. Are you kidding me? “Cold, wet and hungry is the life for me, what I call living, some call misery”…

Riding is moving, and moving is life; there is no bad, just varying degrees of good. Even though there has been a change of plans concerning the dreamed-of blogging trips this summer, dad’s new employer has been gracious enough to agree to a very generous vacation offering, so a New Mexico/Colorado trip is not out of the question.

Because that’s where I’m truly in my element. No distractions, no walls, no leashes, no boundaries, no company except what we encounter on the road, no direction except forward, no leader except the front wheel. And it WILL eventually happen, as I, Charlemagne Bravissimo, have decreed it so!

The difficult we do immediately. the impossible takes a little longer…

Chark diem!

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  1. Dee Soulier

    Chark on Ms Charlie and enjoy riding

  2. Liz Bell Dotterer

    Best wishes in your new employment, Dad.

  3. Sherrie Graves Tokarz

    Congrats on the job!! Where will you be working? Enjoy the next few pretty days!

  4. Annette Eakins

    Good luck on your new job! Looking good Charlie

  5. Diane Brannon-Keech

    Best wishes for the new job Bret Winingar! I hope you still find the time to let the wind blow your face until it frozen into the joker Ms. CB

  6. Karen Ragle

    Congratulations on the new job Dad!!! Charlie Girl, you are just beautiful!

  7. Sam Howard

    Charlie, you’re going to be depressed with Dad not being at home; chin up girl, it’s a good thing. Congrats Dad.

  8. Carol Lingster

    knock their socks off at the new job, Chuck’s daddy!

  9. Kim Conner

    Bret Winingar I hope your new job appreciates and loves you like all of us & of course Charlie does.

  10. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Awesome news! Hoping all goes well.

  11. Mikki Calm

    Great days ahead to you in your new adventure. Time to start a new chapter although I’m guessing Charlie will be missing having you all to herself. But if I know her she’ll still be happily wagging her tail when you get home from work.

  12. Kim Griffin

    Congratulations on your new job!

  13. Jodi Aucoin

    Best of luck with the new job!!

  14. Mollie Walls

    Great news on the new job! Charlie will be “charking” every day when you come home.

  15. Diana O'Connell

    Congratulations on the new job! I am happy for you!!

  16. Sandy Runyon Lough

    And your adventures and the sharing of same causes our hearts to overload. Great news about the job. Know that we’re out here, waiting for any morsels of charking you deem us worthy to share.

  17. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    A million thanks for all the kind words; going back into corporate America was initially more than I could stomach, due to the fact that I didn’t see how it would be possible to make the two worlds coexist. The new company made it a very easy decision for me; even though it will require a great deal of dedication to the new career, never fear, Charlie Bravo will live on.

  18. Carrie Reid

    Life couldn’t be more perfect for you!

  19. Fran Scott

    Maybe the new job will have a Take Your Dog to Work Day, so everyone can meet The Charles 🙂

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