The Charlie Bravo Story

The Queen Mother

Hey, Charlie…
What’s up, Dad?
As long as we’ve been together, I somehow feel obligated to wish you a happy mother’s day; but we both know that your time in the crate removed that opportunity. So, what do I say?
Just say “Happy Mother’s Day, Charlie! ” Although I’ve never sported a litter of Charlettes, I still consider myself a mother.
How so, O wise one?
I think being a mother can also be a state of mind, an attitude of selflessness and self-sacrifice. We have both know many women that have produced offspring but don’t embody what the term “mother” is all about. On the other paw, we know just as many who have not had children but that are no doubt mothers to others that may need it most. Not to take anything away from biological mothers, but how selfless and gracious is it for someone to give of themselves regardless of the lack of physical connection? Consider Mother Teresa and her those in her care; she was a NUN, for crying out loud. Although I’m pretty sure that that she never experienced the travails of childbirth, I dare anyone to deny her the title of “mother”. Some things just “are”, no matter how society may define them.
OK, Charlie, but let’s go back to this “selfless and gracious” thing that you were going on about; why have I never experienced this from you? As far as you and I are concerned, it has always seemed that I exist merely to do your bidding.
Well, I never said that I consider myself YOUR mother, as that would just be weird and more than a little creepy. No, I’ll leave that role to Mom and Grandmother. And as far as you’re concerned, I’ll just keep being the diva dog that I’ve always been and save my maternal instincts for my family around the globe.
(pregnant pause)
Hey, Charlie?
Yo, Dad…
Happy Queen Mother’s Day…
That’s more like it, Dad!

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