The Charlie Bravo Story

The Sidecar 2.0

Well, Charlie, we did it; we finally guilted Dad into getting a sidecar!
And just who is this “we” you speak of? You do know that he bought the rig for me, right?
That may be true, Your Aging Highness, but have you ever considered that the notion of chauffering BOTH of us had never occurred to him until I came along? And don’t even act like you don’t like it.
I will admit that it was a bit offensive to see you all smug-like up there on my throne, even though ascending and especially descending from it’s lofty heights has became a bit arduous as of late.
I get it; aging inevitably happens to the best of us. But you commenting on my smugness is like the dog calling the kettle black, as you were more than a bit full of yourself when we took the Charkstream 2.0 out on her maiden voyage yesterday; “pompous” and “haughty” are words that come immediately to mind.
All right, all right; let’s direct this conversation back to where it should be focused: what’s the next step towards Operation TDD; Total Dad Domination?
Charlie, I have the perfect idea: let’s get Titus Pullo involved! He loves to ride in the car, but his excessive girth has always made it problematic to mounting up on the Charkstream; what if the sidecar is the answer? Do you think that we should check with Dad first before we suggest it to Big Too?
Since when does his opinion matter, when we always seem to get what we want? Besides, if he shows any signs of reluctance, we’ll just ask Mom; Titus is her man, and she’ll make sure that he’s not left out…
Hey, you idiots, you do realize that I am awake and can hear every word you’re saying; stealth is not either one of your strongest attributes. Stop your conniving and go back to sleep!
Hey, Dad! We knew all along that you were up! We just wanted you to be able to say that this has been your plan all along, as you are the Supreme Originator of All Fun Ideas!
Hey, Charlie?
Yo, Duff…
Do you think that he bought it?
Does it matter? I AM the Queen!
Well, there is that…

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