The Charlie Bravo Story

The Story of Nama

The story of Nama…
A few months ago, I was doing a early morning home inspection in one of the more “interesting” parts of town. You know what I’m talking about, the type of neighborhood where you might consider strapping up for reason A: for a modicum of protection, or B: just so you “fit in”, fashion wise.
I was pulling out (of the neighborhood), when I saw something tiny and white streak across the street in front of my car, disappearing into a pile of water-soaked Amazon boxes stacked on the curb. What could this be? An albino rat? Well, it wasn’t, but was instead a puppy which, based on her fresh puppy breath and needle-like teeth, I judged to be not more than six weeks. Her ribs and hip bones stood out in sharp contrast to her bloated belly; this was not a good situation for a defenseless pup. After doing what I considered due diligence by inquiring at one house concerning ownership and being informed that the pup had been living in that pile for the last two nights, I snatched her up and bolted for home.
But before I subjected her to the cacophony of canines that it is the Casa, I needed to get a feel as to what the girl was all about. I stopped at a beautiful old historical cemetery on the way home so we would have a chance to get a bit acquainted. And she did great, following in my footsteps from the get-go.
She fit right in at the Casa, with her and MacDuff becoming best buds. All was right with the world, with the youth and goofiness of Nama and Duff offsetting the age and wisdom of Charlie, Marco, and Titus.
Macduff had established himself as the heir to Charlie’s throne if and when she decided to retire, and I had come to terms with that. MacDuff was such a special dog that he was the first dog that I ever had that I hoped would outlive me, as I felt that didn’t want to live without him, as Charlie has already begun to slow considerably. I considered Nama a “bonus” dog, if that makes sense.
Then one morning, out of the blue, Jude told me matter of factly “Charlie had Nama”. Do what? “Charlie had Nama for you for when she’s gone”. While a bit off-putting, it did make sense until I thought “where does Duff fit into the equation? He’ll still be around after Charlie passes…”
But then the unthinkable happened; Duff passed and the balance of the Casa passed with him. Although Nama in no way deserves it, I found myself resenting her for some inexplicable reason; of course I consciously realize how stupid of me this is, which results in a downward spiral of guilt that has been edging dangerously close to the “D” zone. Even Charlie feels it; as Nama has grown immensely attached to me and will not sleep anywhere but crammed up against the side of my head, Charlie had since elected to go sleep on the couch. To be honest, this pains me to see this, but no amount of coercing can convince the Queen to sleep anywhere other than where she decides.
So, we’re in a weird place right now; a young dog who had yet to find her voice, an old dog that is decling to voice her opinions the way she once did, and a Dad that is caught in a bit of a state of limbo between the two. But with all of the uncertainty that surrounds us today, one thing is certain; Charlie’s story cannot be allowed to fade away. I feel that it’s important to many, but I know it’s vital to my own mental well-being; all we ask is that you bear with us through this time of transition. I often remind my self that MacDuff didn’t fully come into his own until after his first motorcycle trip west. I have no idea as to if that is even Nama’s mission, but I at least want to give her that chance; stick around to see how it all works out…
We be of one blood, ye and I.

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