The Charlie Bravo Story

The story of Titus

Dad here; I know that many of you have been expecting a Titus background story, but I don’t think you realize how this works; I was waiting on him to tell ME, and he wasn’t talking. With a “CHARK” like Charlie’s roaring constantly my ears, it takes a definitive voice that is so different from her’s, like a Bull Taco or Max, to cut through the cacophony, and the voice of Titus was sounding suspiciously like the Queen’s. I knew that wasn’t right, so I waited until he talked, not to me, but to mom, and here’s what the goofy lunkhead said:

Mom: As with most of the inmates at the Casa we don’t have any idea of the story behind them. There are a few but Titus is not one of them…
So as I look into his eyes and flip back and forth from the lost and found pets, I feel his eyes and brain clicking.

The dog formerly known as(%&#$@):

I’m not a bad dog but I has bad habits…

I’m LARGER than life(and so are my clackers ….)

I NEED a pack…

My name wasn’t always Titus Pullo, but the old one don’t matter: I grew up in a singlewide mobile home. My folks loved me and yes, I’M A REDNECK! I’d took my dozes on MY couch, INSIDE my home. While mums and pops was away I slink over to the computer and browse the internet. I learned how to do this while pops was looking at 4-wheelers on craigslist and mums was on Facebook. They would fight over who got the big screen and the other would retire to MY couch to do their social media stuff. This is where I learned of Charlie and the Casa. This girl caught my eye! A QUEEN they say! Weird people kept coming around, and things were getting tense here and I needed to bail. I got on Google Maps and well…. I hate Google Maps! I’ll have to explain that one later.
The woods around here are marvelous but the roads are treacherous – Squirrel!!! Hmm… young vintage and WHOA!!! HE STEPPED IN HIS OWN xxxx. Oh where am I? am I going back home or OH WAIT! I have the paper with a map! Now where am I? Oh DANG a sticker bush!!! OUCH OUCH OUCH! Hey what is this??? Pee mail! Friendly pee mail! It’s a girl!!! She wants to go out tonight! OH BIRD! Living squeaky toy… oh, I must follow….

Mom interrupts: this goes on a while, as he is a bit ADDD; Attention Deficit Dog Disorder

Then….I see a pack of dogs in a yard having a PARTY!!!! A strange lady is out there and apparently time’s up because everyone is swept up tying to get INSIDE!!! I haven’t been INSIDE in a while. I wander the neighborhood and get shooed away by several home owners; I am a bit intimidating at first. A large canine named VICTOR sees me and we GREET each other. Cool guy. We talk about the area but in the end he says you can’t stay at my house because I don’t want to share the belly rubs I get. They’re MINE. But if you visit this little house across the street they don’t judge where you come from; I hang out there most days myself. They have good grub and they even give great ear and belly rubs! I go inside occasionally when the lady they call Mom feels sorry for me. Sometimes she leave a code to the door where I can visit INSIDE. Arkansas weather is hot and some cool weather would be like great right now! I kinda saunter up to the window and peek in and then this little rat thing sounds an alarm. It sounds like a dog but looks very much like a very used wash rag with eyes, but moves like a little ninja, then the house goes on HIGH ALERT.


The lady of the house comes out to investigate. I cock my head and say what’s up? She tilts her head and says “where are you from and how did you get here?” THE LADY UNDERSTANDS DOG!!! OH MYLANTA!!! She takes me in and feeds me. Then I endure a bath but she tells me THE QUEEN DEMANDS it. She may understand DOG but I’m SURE THE QUEEN would appreciate the stories that MY SMELL would bring. No I have to EXPLAIN verbally the things that have happened to me and the places I’ve been. With my bath complete, I’m ready to meet THE QUEEN!!!

To be continued…

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