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This is dad’s old buddy, Kyle, recently transplanted back to Arkansas from Colorado; if you have read my book, you’ll will recognize him, as he has the better part of a chapter dedicated to his story.

Kyle is a dog person through and through, but circumstances beyond his control have kept him from having a canine companion for the last few years; now back in Little Rock, he has remedied that situation.

He paid the Casa a visit tonight to show off his latest adoption, a 7 week old female German Shepard with the most amazing blue eyes and the sweetest disposition. This is going to be a very special dog, and deserves a special name, and as members of the Casa family, this is where you come in.

The Fun and Games Department of the Casa del Whackos is going to donate a tshirt of your choice from the Charlie Bravo store,, to the sibling that comes up with the perfect name. Mom and Dad will help sort the names, but, as proper, Kyle will be the final judge…

Let the games begin!

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  1. Tena Carns Springer

    She’s going to be a big girl so she needs a strong name like Amari Yoruba Of Nigeria Name Meaning “Strength, Builder.”

  2. Elisabeth Parrish

    What is she like on the ground? Frenetic? Sedate? Arrogant? Ladylike? Hard to pick out a fitting name, Charlie, without knowing what kind of personality your friend has…

  3. Jennifer Pershing

    My dad had a blue eye german shep named princess dad taught her how stand at t fence an smile at a anoying old lady neighbor that use tick my mom an dad offs .

  4. Paula Hodges

    Mansi—“plucked flower”

  5. Nicole Woods

    Pasta, Bella, Biscuit, Sky, Cannoli, Elvis, Olive, Sneaks, Marinara (mary for short), Lucy, Sydney, Colby, Munster, Pepper, Linguini,

    Can you tell Im Italian lol!

  6. Tricia McDaid

    Sinatra – old blue eyes

  7. Jody Hess-Franey

    She is fierce looking, but I’ll bet she’s sweet as pie! Mabel comes to mind – an old-fashioned, strong name. It was my great-grandmother’s name and she lived on her own to the ripe old age of 97! Another good name would be Audrey – my grandmother, who is still going strong at 100!

  8. Denise E. Wells

    Hows about Layla Blue? She is a cutie pie

  9. Michelle Dumas

    How about “Kai” it means ocean water in Hawaiian.

  10. Carole Walker

    My doggie was pts last Friday, she was 17 and had blue eyes..her name was Topaz.

  11. Kathy Moody

    Not very good at the name thing but she is beautiful.

  12. Tammy Roach

    Skye,Luna,Pandora,Gracie,Choloe,Zailey and Nala see is going to be a beautiful girl

  13. Tracy Christine Whitcomb

    Daisy Mae Doodlebug, that was the name of our last family shepherd who was so sweet. She came to us underweight at 75 lbs and was 125lbs in her prime…. She was stellar ….

  14. Luci Hodges

    I like Azul… Or maybe Sky..

  15. Caroline Drury

    How about Hyacinth? It’s a kind of flower.

  16. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    Kyle also has a 6 month old shepard named Samantha, or Sam for short… I told him he should name the pup Ella, so that way he would have Sam and Ella; get it? Salmonella?

    Never mind; I’ll go away now.

    Check out the store,

  17. Jennifer Conner

    Raina, just stand out for her…..

  18. Ann Doughty Bosche

    Destiny. It was his destiny to wait for this dog. She is beautiful by the way.

  19. Cheryl Ferguson

    I would love to see a Native American name to fit her personality! But right now – my mind is blank!

  20. Paula Hodges

    Cordelia (ocean/water) Blue—-CB!!!

  21. Aundria Taylor

    My puppy Brees wants to put her vote in for Delilah!

  22. Kerrie Oakes

    Frankie (old blue eyes)

  23. Sylvie Saunders

    Maybe Ayla? What a cutie!.. xxx 🙂

  24. Heather Shaw

    VALA- The name Vala comes from the German origin. In German the meaning of the name Vala is: Chosen.

    I toss this into the name hat!! Congrats to Kyle on his new furbaby.

  25. Nicole Pernin-quidaciolu

    Merveille ? It’s french for Marvelous, but a lot more “chic”

  26. Sandy Runyon Lough

    How about Frances? I immediately thought of Old Blue Eyes but since she’s a young lady, she should have the feminine spelling. She is beautiful!

  27. Nancy Aguilar

    I have a shepherd named Greta so of course I love that name. A few others I like are Heidi or Schatzi. She is beautiful by the way. Congratulations on bringing one of the most loyal breeds home. No more personal space LOL! They love to be in the business 😉

  28. Susan Stroda

    She may be German Shepherd, but there’s Husky in the mix.. Having had GSD all my life, the nose and eyes say Husky. .

  29. Cathy Harris

    Bonnie… cos she really is.(x)

  30. AnnMarie Nanna

    Arkansas has a wildflower by the name of Blue Star, so how about nameing her after the flower? Blue Star, Star or Blue?

  31. Michelle Langenbach

    How about Pele – the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire!

  32. Sheri Weiler

    Frankie. In honor of Blue Eyed Frank Sinatra!!

  33. Deirdre Smith LaGuardia

    Elsie means noble in German 😉

  34. Kathy Hubbard Bright

    Azure is pretty, but why not simply name her Blue?

  35. Jules Mccron-Lackie

    Kalista or Kal for short. A strong name.

  36. Marie A Mise

    Pretty doggie! How about Barbara Jane, BJ for short.

  37. Diane Ragusett

    How about Bella? A beautiful name for a beautiful dog!

  38. Amanda Dannehl Hutchins

    Sinatra. Yeah, people think it’s a guy name (THE guy’s name, ‘Ol Blue Eyes), but there are/were female Sinatras, y’know.

  39. Kim Griffin

    What about Indigo? She is so adorable and I agree with another poster that she definitely has some husky in her. She will be a beauty when she’s grown.

  40. Kathleen Giauque Kopser

    I would call her Ice for her ice blue eyes!

  41. Robyn Hogstad

    Bella, Mia, or Daisy. =^..^=

  42. Lonna Estes Olson

    Kaia, she looks like Kaia. Beautiful pup.

  43. Pam Miles

    I think Hannah, or Betty/Bette as in Betty Davis eyes which were very blue, for anyone who doesn’t know. Then there’s Chloe, Chyanne, or Rose, just a couple ideas!

  44. Don Rice

    I’m thinking “Itch” since she and Sam are sisters you would have Sam Itch!!!!

  45. Lynn Hudson

    Bluebell…perfect name…and could be shortened to Blue…that’s OUR dogs name 😀

  46. Kimberly Smith

    Blue Jeanne could be BJ for short. ☺️

  47. Jeannine Prince

    Ocean. Although there’s a whole passel of good suggestions, Charlie. It’s going be hard to pick, is it not?

  48. Darcy Roberts

    i’m gona go with Sage, Bret. seems appropriate to me. 🙂 sam and sage. yup. thats my final answer. lol

  49. emtsong

    The name Dakota which means friend in Souix or Weeko which means pretty in Souix also.

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