The Charlie Bravo Story

Twas the night before Charkmas 2020


Twas the night before Charkmas at the Casa del Whackos
Four feet in my back from a dog that’s so blackos
And mom running her chainsaw way off to my right
Guaranteeing this will be a long winter night

The dogs were sprawled out all over the bed
With not one but two more crammed against the side of my head
Marco ‘neath the covers, between my white legs
Looking less like a dog, than a hairy nutmeg.

When outside the door there arose such a clatter
I was awake anyway, because of my bladder
I extricated myself from the mass of dog bodies
And stumbled like a blind drunken wino
Away to the potty.

But the sound at the door would not go away
It was the neighbor’s dog Toby demanding to have his own way
He knew that his partner in crime was inside
An example of favoritism he could never abide.

With Mr Stubb and the Tobester now safely inside
That makes seven whan added to my other five
While people ‘cross the world wait for the fat man in red
I attempt to regain my lost place on the bed.

I reflect on the last year, as I try to relax
From the beginning of Covid to the death of Ajax
It’s so easy to focus on naught but the bad
But in others ways it’s the best that we’ve had.

Back to her place at the Casa, Claire found her own way
After an attempt to rehome her went badly astray
And it seems greedy to wish for a sleigh in the air
When we’ve already been gifted a chubby Jude Bear.

And Oba’s now in place in her apartment next door
At last separated from the sound of dog snores
Of Charlie, of Titus, of Mia and Marco!
And the occasional warm puddle of Claire’s slimy fresh yarko!
For better gifts than all these, I’d be embarrased to ask
Besides Santa’s not coming, I think that he lost his mask.

Another year with the Charles, and many more set to follow
Make a bad year so much better, so much easier to swallow
So from Charlie and I, in her earsplitting bark
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a loud CHARK!!!”

From our madhouse to yours; may 2021 exceed your highest expectations.

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