The Charlie Bravo Story

Update from the Casa…

Dad here; they say that there’s no rest for the wicked, I just didn’t know I was this wicked. Usually Sunday morning at the Casa is a time to slow down and reflect just a bit, usually while observing the hummingbirds completely decimate the sugar supply, but today is not that day.

When I found the latest rescues Friday afternoon(Miss Tara is calling them Ricky and Lucy, someone else suggested Sonny and Cher), I noticed the spots on the female before I even crossed the road. I have to confess to acting impulsively in scooping them up without much thought, and Kat was so quick to jump into action with her parasite eradication efforts that neither of us gave much thought to the significance of those sores.
It wasn’t until Zach and I returned Saturday AM from my modeling debut on the dirt roads of Saline County that I thought to employ my Google Fu, only to determine that those sores appear to caused by ringworm, highly contagious to pets and people. Intestinal parasites also appear to be an issue and will have to be dealt with as well, so it’s off to the Farmer’s Coop for fungicide spray and wormer. Actually, it was also a great excuse to fire up Icarus the Honda 919 for a bit, as next week is going to be a real scorcher here in Arkansas.

So now the pups have been treated and quarantined, and we’ll also have to spray the potentially infected areas with a bleach mixture before allowing Charlie and the rest of the inmates back into their palatial estate.

This is exactly the scenario I feared when I found Charlie in her bedraggled condition back in 2015, fears that proved unfounded, as what I thought was mange was actually the manifestation of malnutrition; we made the decision to bring her home anyway,and here we are today. The odd thing is, the very thing I feared with Charlie I didn’t even consider with the pups, and it made me think about how much worry is committed over that which we have absolutely no control.

But it is what it is, and who knows? Maybe sone daythe story of these pups will rival those of Stevie, Miss Ellie, Dash Riprock, Beau, Katana, the twins, Brenda the Broken Rottie, etc, etc, or that of Charlie herself?

Who am I kidding? we all know that Charlie’s not giving up that attention to anyone!

If you would like to help out with their current medical and eventually neuter and adoption fees, Gary has set up a donation site on the blog site.

If you’re as tech un-savvy as me, the physical address is

Charlie Bravo
PO Box 711
Mabelvale AR 72103

Also, any proceeds from the sale of Charlie’s book and merchandise work to fund this her mission; what’s is her mission, you ask?

Not just the rescues, but just as important is the message: we all matter, and we can all make a difference. The world is full of reasons to doubt and despair, but it’s also full of good people that have been conditioned to believe that the problems are so large and their potential contribution so small that why should they even bother? Whether through this page, on the road, or even at the Casa, these are the people we want to meet, as these are the people that can make a real difference.

We can’t save them all, but we can all save some!

Dad out.

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