The Charlie Bravo Story


Hey, dad!

‘Sup, Charlie?

Whatcha doin’? It doesn’t appear to be very dog inclusive, at least from where I’m sitting.

Don’t play dumb, you self centered diva. You know good and well that I’m dealing with the carnage that you inmates leave in the garage; to get this level of destruction, I almost suspect you of bussing dogs in from neighboring cities to participate in your protests.

Well dad, isn’t it true that “black labs matter”, as do all dogs regardless of level of pigmentation?

Now, Charlie, no need to try to get me discombobulated by getting all philosophical this early in the morning, it’s bad enough like it is without being humbled by a creature that nibbles her butt in mixed company. And by the way, I’m perfectly aware of where your sitting; just because I reposition a motorcycle does not equate to an open invitation to hop up and go for a ride.

Well, dad, the investment commercials state that “past results do not indicate future performance”, but at least in your case, I know this to be false. As always, I will continue to bombard you with guilt rays from my perch high atop Mt Suzuki, and as always, you will eventually crumble beneath my superior will and intellect. I can wait you out, as I have all the time in the world… or do I?
(Guilt Ray being loaded into the firing chamber, launching in 3,2,1… weapon away)
As you are aware, dad, dogs have significantly shorter lifespans than humans, so you should always take full advantage of any opportunity for interaction. And the life you save may be your own, as studies show that time spent with a dog lowers stress, increases testosterone, shrinks belly fat, and improves chronic halitosis.

All right, Charlie, I can see where this is going to end up, so if you’ll stop that insane charking, we’ll head out for a bit. You do know that Mom is going to be a bit “perturbed”, to say the least. Any ideas as to an actual destination?

Well, John Steinbeck used a Spanish word, “vacilando”, to describe the travels with his Charlie. There is no English translation, but it simply means a journey without a set destination, not just wandering aimlessly but always searching. So even though we can’t take off for points and parts unknown, what say that we go vacilando for just a little bit? May not be the best, but it will do until the best presents itself…

(Dad’s such a pushover…)

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  1. Marg Woodworth

    So interesting,cute and funny.

  2. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    I love this and have fun….Charlie looking good……I will remember “vacilando”. I need to do more of those too.

  3. Sam Howard

    I love this word “vacilando”, go on a little adventure Charlie, it won’t be long before the cold sets in.

  4. Michael Steele

    Next time don’t fight it, just sigh and grab your helmet.

  5. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Oooh, those guilt rays are FIERCE! Saddle up, Dad!

  6. Brenda Harrison

    I’m sure Charlie’s guilt rays could melt my heart. Thanks for always sharing ❤

  7. Vicki Eshleman

    made my day…thanks for the read…hope you both enjoy the ride

  8. Fran Scott

    CB has very powerful and effective “guilt rays” 🙂 Dad rushes to provide wanted ride to said dog — maybe Dad is just overly sensitive to the guilt rays 🙂

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