The Charlie Bravo Story

Westward ho

Tonight we ride
We’re heading west
To the valleys and the mountains
Where the eagle makes her nest
And if our bones bleach in the desert
We’ll consider we are blessed
Tonight we ride.

Tonight we ride
Towards a harvest moon
Carving through the droning darkness
From all evil imagining immune
No preconceived hypotheses
Mountain sage nor town buffoon
Tonight we ride.

Tonight we ride
No need to fret
We go where the wind takes us
No solid destination set
Tomorrow’s desert sunrise
Precludes the mountain’s next sunset
Tonight we ride

Tonight we ride.

(Thanks for the inspiration, Tom)

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  1. Becky Casper Wiltsee

    Safe travels and be careful out there!

  2. Jan Davis

    Happy trails, be safe, enjoy…❤️

  3. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Awesome. Safe trip. Looking forward to the pictures and posts.

  4. Evelyn Pretty

    Safe travels!! Can’t wait for the updates!!!

  5. Deb Silva

    Happy Charlie Bravo Day!!

  6. Darling Nikki

    Haven’t heard a chark in a while! Safe travels.

  7. Sherry Ralph Jadrnak

    Safe travels under a full charking moon!

  8. Jeannine Prince

    Happy trails to you, and I’ll be watching for all the updates and pictures. Be safe ,Chark Chark!

  9. Sam Howard

    Peace and Safety, be with all of you on this wonderful journey.

  10. Elisabeth Parrish

    Awesome… brings back memories of the Clint Eastwood and all of the other heroes of old riding off in the sunset after saving the weak and downtrodden from the evil in the world… One just knew that they were off to save the day in some other town, yet to be discovered.

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