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You can’t fake good kids…

When do dogs quit being pups, or kids become adults, for that matter? Hopefully never, as far as I’m concerned.

Friday morning at the Casa starts like most others, with Mia, Max and I “showing out”, wallering, thrashing, pouncing, flouncing, shovel-heading, all in an attempt to get dad’s attention.
Even though we’re “adult” dogs (yeah, right), we never lose the desire to relax in the presence of someone who we perceive as being a bit more “in control”.

I wonder sometimes if this is the cause of the pain and confusion when these roles are reversed as our parents age.

The kids of the Casa, Zach and Alex(the artist formerly known as Kat) have, for all in tents and porpoises, are pursuing their own lives now; although both have moved out, thankfully they haven’t felt the need to move on. They still continue putting their own particular mark on the Casa, although thankfully doing it with the hiking of a leg is finally starting the lessen in its frequency.

Zach was instrumental in my rescue, and his future wife Tara was the first on the scene when I arrived at the Casa, and Alex and mom were was the first to confront my odifererousness, and this behaviour hasn’t changed. Whenever there is a new addition to the inmate population of the Casa, they continue to ante up and kick in, dad brings ’em home and the fam doctors ’em up. Who do you think volunteered for the nasty job of handpicking the masses of bloated ticks from Stevie? That would be Alex. Then doing the same service for the latest pups? Uh, that would be Alex again. And on the stormy night that Dash was left tied to our trashcan, Zach and Tara just couldn’t wait even one day to come see the little imp, and examples like this are the norm, not the exception.

It is our dream that the Casa del Whackos will always be a place where they can return to when the outside world gets,a little too “adult”; not some sort of insulated NeverneverLand where they don’t have to grow up, but as a place where they always know they have a place as well as a purpose.

And that goes for all of you; as you are all part of this extended family, the Casa is here for you as well.

We be of one blood, ye and I.

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  1. Ann Ownsby-Scott

    Love it….another good start to my day…Thanks.

  2. Marianne Colwill Shanley

    When I first got married and moved out of my house and I told my husband I was going home or at home, he knew I was at my parent’s house. It’s 22+ years later and I have my own home now and even though I may be half a century old, when I go to see my parents I still feel like I’m “home”. I hope my kids feel the same way once they fly the coop.

  3. Michelle Dumas

    We will make it a point to swing through the Casa if we ever make it down that way, and hope you will spend the night with us at “Muddy Pond Farm” up here in northern Massachusetts if you ever make it up this way! We have a house and barn full of misfits and whackos too!

  4. Yvonne Adams

    Charlie, I might have heard a bit of “dad” seeping out in this one. But I love to hear stories of the Casa. Mom and dad won’t have quite the same empty nest syndrome with you four legged kids running around.

  5. Karen Ragle

    Darn allergies are acting up again! Good post!

  6. Faith Kidwell

    Depending on what comes this next week I might be making the trip to the Casa

  7. Traci Bell

    Charlie, If you & dad ever make it to Georgia we hope you’ll stop by

  8. Darcy Roberts

    pretty sure i will be visiting within the next couple of months. will def be in touch. 🙂

  9. Labrador Fans

    Who else? <3dog adoption ?

  10. Mikki Calm

    Yes, I agree that we are of one blood, no boarders, no boundaries. If any animal is in need, it has a place to go.
    The same goes for the kids, always a home to come and rewind, feel safe, let go of the stress of the sometimes not so loving world.
    Spread the comfort and joy my Casa Companions. The world needs as many refuges as it can get!

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