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A quick post while we’re away…

Good morning from base camp Subaru! We’re camped at the base of a deserted watchtower in the most remote reaches of the Ozarks mountains. The sun and the moon are fighting for supremacy in the sky; even though the moon mantains her high point in the west, the sun is beginning to establish her supremacy to the east, setting the treetops aflame and chasing the last tendrils of fog back down into the valleys.

Or so dad tells me, as I have no intention of getting back out of the car to check it out; I tried that once a few hours ago, had to tinkle, and I’m perfectly fine right where I am, thank you very much. If dad wants to enjoy this sunrise with someone, he’ll just have to compare notes with Miss Ellie, as I’m heaving a mighty sigh, which is CharlieBravospeak for “leave me alone, I’m going back to sleep”.

Charlie out.

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  1. Marlene Deppe Patterson

    You sure go on a lot of cool adventures Charlie!

  2. Jeanne Mancinelli

    Enjoy the nap… There are adventures waiting out there.. CHARK deium

  3. Deb Silva

    Sometimes you just have to let “the tendrils” do their own thing.

  4. Kathy Moody

    Good morning to sleep in.

  5. Mary Blythe

    Charlie is enjoying the ride.

  6. Darlene Cartier

    Charlie you are gifted with words. Safe travels.

  7. Sam Howard

    Your so comfortable, best to get up and enjoy romping around. Looks beautiful.

  8. Fran Scott

    I think it’s Chark Diem, not Snooze Diem, CB 🙂

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