Chark Diem Blues

Miss Ellie, she’s a coming
She’s coming round the bend
Charlie Bravo’s riding shotgun
Ears popping in the wind
The sage brush is a callin’
But that’s not breaking news
Every trip is an adventure
At least a shakedown cruise

2016 in the rearview
We’ve got a head of steam
Out rolling down blue highways
Road trippin’ is the dream
The sun rising in Ellie’s mirrors
And setting on her windshield
The smallest occurrence not discounted 
An epiphany revealed

Clayton, Chama, Raton, Taos,
All stops along the way
Across the Rio Grande’ river
On down to Santa Fe’
Strong coffee and beanie weenies
And small town diner fare
In a sleeping bag with the Charlie
I’ll need abundant air.

Only tourists travel
For just the scenery
But it’s the people not the places
That make an epic journey
Should we accept it, it’s our mission
A form of therapy
Sharing travels with the family
Is our destiny

Soon it’s time to hit the road
With Charlie and her kin
We might just show at your house
And invite ourselves right in
Load up and travel with us
Wherever our locality
To have a heaping helping of
Vicarious hospitality!

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  1. Liz Sierra

    Always welcome to show up at my home!!! My door is always open!

  2. Kathy Moody

    I just found out that we had a Miss Ellie once upon a time. Our son wanted to see if she could fly one day. They managed to jump a pond and take out a small fountain before landing. He survived but not the car. Such is life.

  3. Charlie Bravo - The Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story

    The pic has special meaning, as we had one heckuva night back in that valley; the two lane petered out to single track before vanishing into a impassable Creek complete with fresh bear sign. On the way back out with darkness falling, Fletch shredded his rear tire so Brian and I rode for help. We were close enough to Montrose for my old buddy Kyle to come to the rescue; good times.

  4. Cathy Brown

    ONLY YOU could look in your rear view mirror and see tin cans of adventures dragging behind. Happy Trails in 2017!

  5. Robin D Mahan

    Lol, I started singing the tune of Johnny Cash, and somewhere near the end, I had switched to Beverly Hillbillies 🙂 love it!

  6. Maria Dawybida Minerley

    So glad to see this today! I was missing hearing from y’all!

  7. Sue Robilliard

    Happy New Year to all at the Casa from Australia !

  8. Shawn Suriano-Wellden

    Can’t wait for up coming adventures!

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